Day of the Dragons – Another Review


Dragons are now officially accessible to all players of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, a week after their initial release in the Indianapolis Fan Festival. There are four Dragons and their respective Dragon Eggs in the game.


We had a special in-game event on September 7, 2019, with each region having access to 2 Dragon types.

The event ran in the same time intervals as the past Community Days:

  • Asia-Pacific Region: 1 PM to 4 PM (UTC +10)
  • Europe ,Middle East , Africa and India : 10 AM to 1 pm UTC
  • America and Greenland : 11 AM to 2 PM (UTC-7)

Like the Community Days, players received a special bonus pack of 10 Scrolls, 5 Spell Books (red books), and 25 Spell Energy.

If you prefer a video of the same review, please do check this out.

What are Dragons in Wizards Unite?

Dragons are one of the most exciting magical creatures in the magical world of Harry Potter. Who can forget the Triwizard Tournament and the Gringotts Wizarding Banks dragons?

In Wizards Unite, Dragons belongs to the Oddities Family of Foundables, and it is the sweet spot for the placing of the beloved beast. Due to their presence as Oddities, we are able to engage in duel with them. All characteristics common to other duels, such as the use of healing and strengthening portions, carry over.

Dragons are region-locked, much like the Pokémon GO examples of Mr Mime, Kangaskan, Tauros, etc. Wizards Unite includes the following Dragons:

  • Chinese Fireball
  • Peruvian Vipertooth
  • Common Welsh Green
  • Antipodean Opaleye

For Day of the Dragons, each region encountered two specific Dragons:

  • Oceania, Asia, the Middle East and India: Chinese Fireball and Antipodean Opaleye
  • Americas and Greenland: Chinese Fireball and Peruvian Vipertooth
  • Europe and Africa: Chinese Fireball and Common Welsh Dragon

Day of the Dragons Positives

As with all the events, we all loved the free bonuses and perks. They helped us quite a bit in getting through the event.

There was an abundance in the spawn of Oddities; we could easily encounter quite a lot of Dragons and most of us could complete the registry entry.

The event also gave out a lot of XP. As the event progressed, many of us racked up enough XP to level up.

Day of the Dragons Negatives

The most common complaint during the weekend events is the timing, and this complaint is still present.

The presence of void/null Dragon spawns was a major annoyance. Just count all the times you have clicked on the High/Severe rarity and were greeted with an error message. Frustrating, right?

The greatest drawback of the event was the error out during Encounters. The Dragon that you were halfway done fighting just seems to vanish into thin air. All of a sudden, you are left with nothing.

Ah, did I mention that was while you were trying to align the wand tip to the dragon’s weak point? Man, I was on the verge of pulling my hair out!

Overall Event Assessment

The event has won the favour of the players. We all liked how much of a challenge it was to defeat a Dragon, mainly due to their slippery nature that made it super-difficult to align the wand point, with the weak point of the Dragon. After some getting used to, we managed to rack up quite a few of them. As mentioned earlier, the abundance of their spawns made the event quite enjoyable.

The abundance of spawns, which helped us rack up a lot of XP, and the event-exclusive Dragons were quite fun to battle. They were truly hard to tame, just as in the books, and that made the event all the more fun.

There are many valid reports of the event-exclusive Dragons appearing after the event in the given locations. It was a great step for many who missed the event, to have a shot at their own exclusive Dragon.

Each region still has its own specific Dragon, which has some geographical reference to the region.

  • Oceania has the Antipodean Opaleye, native to New Zealand.
  • Asia, the Middle East, and India have the Chinese Fireball.
  • Americas and Greenland have the Peruvian Vipertooth, native to Peru.
  • Europe and Africa have the Common Welsh Dragon, which is a native of Wales.

The release of the Hogwarts Founders’ Foundables is the latest and most exciting post-event news.

Community Feedback

Some members of the Wizards Unite community feel that Community Days should be implemented in a similar manner to Day of the Dragons, featuring event-exclusive Foundables.

The app crashes and game glitches frustrated multiple players.

Day of the Dragons infographic by @OrangeWizard2019

Final Notes

All in all, we can say that the event’s concept was essentially the Community Day we’ve all expected. We all loved the new experience it offered with the duels and collection of the Dragons, which wasn’t too overshadowed by the bugs.

We have plenty more Dragons in the Harry Potter Universe, and hopefully more things will come up as game progresses. The events in the future will definitely be better, as the game developers usually take feedback from the crowd!

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