Day of the Dragons Review

Day of the Dragons - September 7, 2019

Dragons have finally glided onto the horizons of witches and wizards around the world during the Day of the Dragons for the first time since their debut at the Wizards Unite Fan Festival on August 31st in Indianapolis, Indiana. Check out our review of the Day of the Dragons to see what happened on the inaugural event for Dragon Foundables.


Day of the Dragons Overview

Ahead of wreaking havoc across the planet for protectors of the Statute of Secrecy, the four Dragon species first appeared before festival-goers in Indiana for the inaugural Wizards Unite Fan Festival. Wizards and witches worked together to reach a goal of returning 150,000 Dragons to unlock the Day of the Dragons on September 7th for the rest of the global player base. This was accomplished on the very first day of the Fan Festival, even with inclement weather delays!

While the battle against the Dragons was being waged in Indianapolis, witches and wizards around the world participated in a Global Challenge involving special Dragon Egg Portmanteaus which unlocked week-long rewards across the globe. This also determined which non-regional Dragon everyone would see alongside their native Dragon during the three-hour Day of the Dragons event.

Global Challenge Information
Global Challenge Results by @OrangeWizard2019

The Day of the Dragons

For the Day of the Dragons, each region saw their own native Dragon plus a non-regional Dragon determined during the Global Challenge. Each region was dominated by the Chinese Fireball. There was a heated debate ahead of and during the Global Challenge on which Dragon Egg Portmanteaus to prioritize. Some suggested that the Dragon that shared your Registry Page with your regional entity was preferred so a Prestige for that Page would be possible. Others claimed that Emergency Threat Level Dragons were the goal to achieve maximum XP during the event.

Only the Americas and Greenland saw two Emergency Threat Level Dragons with red Trace beams during the event: the Peruvian Vipertooth and the Chinese Fireball. This meant that every Dragon returned in that region was worth a base of 500 Wizarding XP with a 25% increase from one of the unlocked rewards for the Global Challenge. That is 625 XP for a whopping 1250 XP per Dragon when using a Baruffio’s Brain Elixir!

Orange beam traces belonged to the Severe Threat Level Dragons, the Antipodean Opaleye and the Common Welsh Green, and they were worth 625 XP after the 25% increase and using a Baruffio Brain Elixir.

Prior to the three-hour event, the Tonic for Trace Detection Potion was released as well as a complimentary gift of 10 Scrolls, five red Spell Books, and 25 Spell Energy. Both of these item packs could be retrieved from Diagon Alley.

Day of the Dragons Information
Day of the Dragons infographic by @OrangeWizard2019

Once the event started, the Dragon Foundables were hard to miss. Orange and red beams sprang up like fiery forests from the tops of their Oddity Trace emblems all over the map. Flagged areas and parks, which usually suppress event spawns, had no effect on Dragon spawns. They were everywhere, and they were ready to fight.

Day of the Dragons Gameplay Screenshot
Day of the Dragons at The Getty Center, Los Angeles, California

The key to this event was to keep moving. Dark Detectors helped bring in some Dragons and other Foundables, but moving without covering the same ground was essential to nonstop action. Eliminating Dragons in one area before moving on to the next location was the best strategy. If you stayed in one spot or circled the same areas too soon, then you weren’t taking advantage of the Dragons spawning in new areas that you hadn’t explored.

Many players reported frantically returning Dragons from start to finish for their entire three hours. The excitement of a new Encounter plus the incredible Wizarding XP being gained from each return kept everyone engaged for the entire event. Reports online and within my own local group indicate that the average XP rate for the event was 60,000 to 70,000 XP per hour with some players topping 100,000 XP per hour. With these high return numbers came many player level increases and the rewards that go with them, all of which only added to the excitement.

Peruvian Vipertooth AR Photo
Peruvian Vipertooth engaged in battle over the 405 Freeway below the Getty Center in Los Angeles, California. Photo by DeftOne.

The incentive to keep playing after placing the images of the Dragons available for your region into your Registry came from the fact that Oddity Encounters are near-guaranteed returns with a very small cost.

Most players neutralized a Dragon in two to three hits with Aurors leading the charge with their powerful spells. Once you got used to the fast moving patterns of the Dragons as they ducked, dodged, and weaved around the screen avoiding your targeting (not unlike the Pixies and Doxies we already knew), they were quite easy to complete.

Knowing that you were going to get 625 to 1250 XP (with a Baruffio’s Brain Elixir!) for a quick Encounter that took only a few Spell Energy and zero Potions was unsurprisingly alluring.

Some users reported a dwindling of Dragon spawns toward the end of the event, but most players experienced nonstop spawns from the beginning to the end, making this the most lucrative XP event we have had so far.

Day of the Dragons Successes

  • short duration, high intensity: players were able to achieve great rewards in a short amount of time
  • gave players a chance to encounter a non-regional Dragon
  • an event that promotes walking means you explore while playing with the added bonus of exercising
  • Oddity Registry Page rank: many players reached or came close to the maximum Family rank of 65 for the Oddity Page in their Registry which means that each rollover of 100 Oddity family XP produces greater high-level Runestones and additional Scrolls
  • additional Runestones from the event are perfect for getting those much needed Centaur Bow fragments from Challenges ahead of the Full Moon on September 14th
  • visually appealing Traces in large quantities added to the excitement

Day of the Dragons Shortcomings

  • approximately half of players around the world were not able to Prestige their Pages because the spawning non-regional Dragon was on a different page from their regional Dragons
  • complete lack of Dragon Eggs or Dragon Egg Portmanteaus
  • connectivity issues: some players report connectivity issues independent of cell service during the event, potentially due to the higher traffic from increased amounts of players
  • limited to two Dragons per region instead of seeing all four species
  • duration: the short time period meant that some players were unable to participate due to other obligations

Day of the Dragons Theories

There were two major research theories being examined during the event:

  • Did Dark Detectors attract dragons, and if so, did Dark Detectors placed prior to the end of the event continue to spawn Dragons for the duration of the Dark Detector after the event ended?
  • Did the Tonic for Trace Detection pull Dragon Traces for witches and wizards using them?

Yes, Dark Detectors were reported to have attracted dragons. This confirms a comment by Fazes who noted that Dark Detectors have the potential to attract dragons. Yes, Dark Detectors placed before the end of the event were also observed to have called Dragon Traces after the end of the event window.

Yes, the Tonic for Trace Detection Potion was observed to have called Dragon Traces by the user of the Potion. The Tonic has also been confirmed to attract other Oddities as well which will enhance hunting for those Traces that appear at limited times like Doxies or Werewolves.

Hogwarts Founders Portraits

Hogwarts Family Registry
The Hogwarts School family of the registry where you can find the Hogwarts Founders.

In addition to the release of the Dragons, the four Hogwarts Founders Foundables were also set loose onto the Map. They appear as a High Level Trace in the Hogwarts School Family. These are the red and yellow 9 3/4 emblems on the map with a yellow beam of light emanating from the top.

Helga Huffepuff Portrait Foundable
A portrait of Helga Hufflepuff being held by a troll Confoundable.

Each of the four Founders of Hogwarts are in portrait form on the Moving Staircases II page of the Hogwarts School Family. Godric Gryffindor and his sword, Salazar Slytherin and his locket, Rowena Ravenclaw and her diadem, and Helga Hufflepuff with her cup are mounted around another portrait, the Winged Boar. Each Founder can be found as an Encounter on the map while the Winged Boar is a Fragment that can be rewarded in Challenges.

To recover these Foundables keep an eye out for Hogwarts School Traces with High Level Threat yellow lightbeams so you can get your Registry images placed and resolve some of the chaos inflicted by the Calamity!

Weighing of the Wands (in Conclusion)

Personally, I think this was the best event we have had so far even if my wand was confiscated by museum security at the Getty Center. I really enjoyed flying to Indianapolis, meeting some great people, seeing the icons and imagery of the Wizarding World with my very own eyes in person and in 3D, and experiencing the debut of the Dragon Foundables. In ten hours at the Fan Festival I was able to get 380,000 XP, and Prestige my Dragon Registry Pages to silver. It was a great time but the concentration of rewards was greater during the Day of the Dragons!

About 15 members of our group in Los Angeles received roughly 200,000 XP in three hours. We were excited and motivated at our success in such a short amount of time. We ended up staying at the Getty Center in Los Angeles for a total of ten hours, collecting Spell Energy, returning Foundables, and grinding Dark Chamber V in the Fortresses to earn those coveted red Spell Books.

We loved each Community Day we have had so far. The two of us that went to the Fan Festival were very appreciative and inspired by it. That said, the Day of the Dragon event was what we all imagined Community Days would be. Action-packed, reward-laden, spirited events that bring us together as witches and wizards in a fun and beneficial way. This is what the future of the game should feel like.

I hope the first Day of the Dragons event isn’t its last. I also hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did. You can follow my journey through the Wizarding World on Twitter. Please comment with your favorite part of the Day of the Dragons event!

P.S. For another take on Day of the Dragons, our editor-in-chief posted a video earlier today of her experiences!

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Justin Smith
Justin Smith
2 years ago

Great article! I didn’t know this event was even coming!