April 2020 Community Day Review


Today Wizards Unite Hub is proud to feature a guest post from Mark, a Harry Potter YouTuber at Zealman’s Wizarding World!

Well, this Community Day in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was a bit different, to say the least. With most of the world on lockdown, and here in the UK the sun is out, which is an Oddity in itself.


We had an amazing 24 hours to achieve our tasks rather than the normal 3 hours. So we made some serious progress on the Central Park page. This page brings back memories of the first Fantastic Beasts movie with the wild Erumpant running amok.

I need to watch that movie again.

Community Day: Expectation vs. Reality

I honestly had no idea what to expect, except that after reading the task list, I knew I should be able to get 10 Picketts easy enough. This, and the 15 Murtlaps from tasks would mean I could make it bronze.

I play in the suburbs, so Community Day normally isn’t very exciting. Only my wife and I play the game here. Well, there is someone else, but I have never managed to catch them.

Anyway, expectations were mild.

What actually happened was something pretty amazing. I had my best-ever Community Day! Not only did I make it to bronze, but I also hit silver and made a significant dent in that too.

The tasks were easy enough to achieve and could easily be done from home, with no need to visit a Fortress.

Making the Most of Community Day at Home

I did some preparations before the event kicked off. I had a decent stock of 8 Tonics for Trace Detections, and I opened all my normal Portkeys using a Baruffio’s Brain Elixir.

I started the morning off by watching Wizard Way Kris and Wizard PhD on Twitch. Weirdly for me this was the most community I have had on a Community Day, even though I was stuck in the house. I also popped a few Trace Tonics and soon the Picketts started rolling in; it was real fun to play together and chat online.

It was then my turn to stream at 10:30am. You can catch the replay below!

After another 2 Trace Tonics, I soon had my Picketts and just had to get a few more Trolls for the Tasks to get the next 5 Murtlaps to prestige the page to bronze, which I did just over an hour later.

You can’t walk many Portkeys at your desk so it was the only way.

Once I made it to bronze it was open season–I needed every spawn on the map! Could I actually make it to silver too? The only issue, Spell Energy!

I had used my 205 max energy, the daily reward, and the free pack. I turned to my friends list for help, and I got a good chunk more. If only Spell Energy gifts were guaranteed from Inns… I’m sure there would have been more. This got me through until I could go out for my daily exercise.

I had collected 10 Portkeys during the day and there was a Key in every one. I hit every Inn and picked up every scrap of Spell Energy from the floor… a Spell Energy pub crawl so to speak.

Running a Trace Tonic while walking out in the open was insane! There were so many Traces, and I topped up my Ingredients while out too.

I know some people have no Ingredients or Spell Energy spawning at their home locations, and I do hope the game devs look into it. It may have something to do with how it measured population density, but that’s only a guess. (Editor’s note: In-game spawn points and density come from Niantic, but Fazes has shared with the HPWU developers that players would like this updated). 

After getting back home, washing my hands for 2 happy birthdays, and sanitising my phone, it was time for an online pub quiz with family and friends. Luckily we were hosting so my phone was next to me, and I was soon burning through the Spell Energy again until I hit silver.

During this time, some of the American WUtubers also did a group livestream, which you can see below.

I was low on Spell Energy again, so I stuck to Demiguise and Picketts as these are rare/extremely rare, and I can fill in the blanks later. I ended the day with another full stack of Portmanteaus and a good start into silver.

Closing Thoughts on April’s Community Day

Can I find fault in this Community Day?

There are a couple of minor issues, one being if you are in a low population area, then there are reports of people not getting any Traces without using a Trace Tonic. That doesn’t sound like a problem until you realise that Trace Tonic Ingredients and Spell Energy also do not appear.

Some people said they were annoyed with the high departure rate, but with so many Traces, I don’t see that as an issue myself.

I achieved way more than I expected, and I am very happy with the result. This event was a ray of sunshine amongst the cloud we live under at the moment. I hope you managed to make some good progress too, and I look forward to reading your comments below.

Thank you, Mark, for submitting today’s guest post! Join the WizHub community online. 

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Caitlin Mains
Caitlin Mains
1 year ago

I had a lot of fun my only problem is my house is a dead zone and thus no ingredients or energy I can solve the problem of foundables with a tonic but eventually I run out of energy.