Celebrating the Witches in the Wizards Unite Community


In honor of International Women’s Day, I am recognizing some of the incredible witches in the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Community Day. Many of these women were nominated by our readers!

Before we can celebrate any other woman in the Wizards Unite community, we have to start with the legend herself.


Fazes aka Sofia is an amazing employee of Warner Bros., the kind of Community Manager that Pokémon GO players only dream of having. She is active on both reddit and Discord, not just to share official game announcements, but also to answer questions, clarify confusion, and gather player feedback.

Sofia is constantly advocating for player concerns with the game developers. I even spoke with some developers at the Fan Festival who spoke about how much Sofia pushed them to listen to player feedback.

The entire Wizards Unite community is lucky to have someone like Fazes in our corner!

Leading Witches in the Wizards Unite Community

Everyone in this first list was nominated by one of you!

To protect the privacy of nominees, I requested either online names or first names with a last initial only. Wizards Unite Hub has a global community of readers and fans, and while we’re excited to share some of the women leaders among us, we also must consider their safety.

I’m mostly sharing direct quotes from reader submissions, but I’ve edited them lightly for clarity.

Jennifer F., aka Cre8tive_eye

“She has supported me and helped me play the game through my cancer diagnosis and treatments. Always a true friend.” -Logan H.


“She created a very active Seattle Wizards Unite community through organized Fortressing (including setting up groups for high chambers and bringing up new witches and wizards) and brunch and happy hour meetings with Dark Detectors. She also organizes carpools and groups to get everyone to complete events and Community Days. She continues to do them on a regular basis with at least 4 regular events and multiple adhoc ones. She also actively moderates our local Discord.” -S. Devikanair

“Geunyang puts a tremendous amount into organizing the group. She sets up Fortressing and Community Day events. She is very active in posting articles. She also puts a lot of effort into helping new people play the game well.” -Liminaut

Lyndsey G.

“She is very active on our local community Facebook page and regularly helps new players, while meeting up with others and trying to grow the local player base.” -C.G.


“Sadie is always the first to make sure our community has access to all of the necessary information for upcoming events. She helps to coordinate weekly Wizarding Challenge events in our area and is always willing to help new players acclimate to the group and successfully run higher chambers. She’s quick to answer any questions people in our community have and is always willing to help out.” -S.H.

Kim K.

“This woman successfully launched a very active Discord server for our Fraternal Organization which is a nonprofit aimed at making magick real (causing positive change to occur in conformity with our will). She educates our membership and spends hours helping people become better people – for themselves and their communities. She also thought we’d all have a great time playing Wizards Unite together, and we do! It’s a constant joy being able to get to know each other better using the Wizards Unite platform! I hope you seriously consider this nomination, I have never met anyone who deserves this particular nomination more.” -Eshim


“She’s always there supporting every WUtuber she knows both in the WUtuber community Discord and on streams/videos despite the personal struggles she is dealing with!” -skpoem

“Steph is always so supportive of me and all my WUtuber friends! I had the privilege of meeting up with Steph over Thanksgiving to play Wizards Unite together, and she’s just as nice in-person as she is online.” -Brita, aka me

The WizUWitches

Last year I did a video featuring just a few of the women creating Wizards Unite content online. I interviewed as many of the female WUtubers as I could at the Wizards Unite Fan Festival, and a few other witches sent me video clips separately.

Both Sue of XpectoGO and Lynette of WizardPhD were also nominated by WizHub community members to be featured in today’s post. I was going to include them anyway (because they’re my friends, and I’m totally biased about highlighting my friends), but it’s nice to know that others appreciate them too!

While there are many amazing women creating Wizards Unite content, I’m limiting today’s list to women who have created videos in the last month. That does exclude a few of the awesome women in the video above, so be sure to watch that if you’re interested in other female leaders in the Wizards Unite community.

The Women of WizHub

Last, but not least, there are many women working behind-the-scenes here at Wizards Unite Hub. We have an amazing team of moderators on our Discord server who manage a diverse community with over 9,000 people from around the world.

  • electro
  • Mert
  • Half-Blood Princess
  • Kitzen

These incredible women keep Discord running smoothly. Most members don’t even realize some of the issues we have because the moderators do such a great job of removing inappropriate messages quickly.

Our moderators don’t just enforce rules and take care of problems, they also actively participate in discussions and with research.

These women inspire me with their hard work and dedication to the Wizards Unite community!

Finally, I hope it’s not gauche to mention myself. As the editor-in-chief of Wizards Unite Hub, I run this website, our Twitter account, our Facebook page, and our Patreon account. I’m not very public on Discord, but I do fix a few things behind-the-scenes and I make occasional announcements. I also work (volunteer) with Fazes and a few other community leaders under NDA. We do our best to keep track of community feedback which we share with Fazes who then passes it on to the HPWU team.

Celebrating women is so important to me that my YouTube channel is called Witches Unite! I invite you to join me in celebrating women everyday, not just on International Women’s Day.

All month long, we’ll be celebrating witches on our social media channels. It’s not too late to nominate a female leader in the Wizards Unite community to be featured!

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