The Story of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Harry Potter Wizards Unite
Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Before Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was launched, we were promised that it was going to have a “deep, multi-year narrative arc.” Me and many other fans were excited to hear this, since the story is what we’ve always loved most about the wizarding world of Harry Potter.


So when the game was released, I delved in, curious about the story behind the game. However, I was somewhat disappointed to find that the story, while there, was mostly hidden under all the other features.

So, like any overly ambitious fan, I decided to figure out the story of Wizards Unite. Here is what I’ve discovered so far.

The bulk of the story is revealed through Mystery Objects, which you will receive as random rewards through normal gameplay, and can then find in your game’s Registry. There are three chapters released so far, but you won’t gather the pieces in chronological order. As such, I present to you here, the story of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, as revealed in chapters 1-3 of the Mystery Objects Registry, sorted and examined.

This is where all this information is hidden.

Grim Fawley and Penelope Padgett

The main characters in this story are Grim Fawley and Penelope Fawley, born Padgett. A married couple who worked at the Ministry for Magic, Grim as an Unspeakable at the Department of Mysteries, and Penelope as an Auror, at the time this story kicks off.


Grim Fawley’s parents, Lucretia and Marshall Fawley, were killed during the Second Wizarding War (the era the original Harry Potter books took place in). Grim was a Hufflepuff, in his second year of school during the Battle of Hogwarts, and thus too young to participate. Having lost both his parents so young, he grew up in orphanages. He was exceedingly talented with magic, and was an excellent student, graduating Hogwarts with five Outstanding and one Exceeds Expectations on his N.E.W.T.s. He then started working at the Ministry for Magic.

Grim Fawley started his career under Harry Potter at the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, originally as a researcher. While Harry expresses a belief that Grim would have made a good Auror, this was never a position Grim applied for. He appeared to prefer the paperwork, and his position as a research assistant where he was compiling and fact-checking evidence for the Aurors.

The character Sage Bragnam, Head Curator at the Department of Magical Artefacts, also tells us that he tried to get Grim to come work for him. Gareth Greengrass, Senior Unspeakable at the Department of Mysteries, was very happy to later have Grim as an Unspeakable. All in all it speaks for a lot of talent and a hard-working Hufflepuff.

Grim was, according to Sage Bragnam, “incredibly skilled in rune translation and ancient languages,” and among the Mystery Objects we have found is an ancient tome that had never been translated before Grim came along.

Grim was a quiet kind of person, but through Penelope’s urging, he started growing more ambitious. When a position at the Department of Mysteries became available, she convinced him that he was qualified and should apply. He did so and was given the position. He was hired at the same time as a Regina Rowle, the two of them replacing two previous employees, one an old employee who “kept forgetting everything – literally, everything,” and another who left to become an author.

Grim wanting to become an Unspeakable appears to have come as a surprise to most of the NPCs we hear from, although they all agree that he turned out to be more fit for the job than anyone would have thought. There were rumors at the time that Gareth Greengrass only employed Grim because of Penelope, but Harry very clearly states that this is not true. Grim deserved this position on his own merits. One of the Aurors that agreed was Mordecay Berrycloth, who co-signed an evaluation that Greengrass wrote when Grim was up for the Unspeakable position. Apparently, this is a big deal.

One of the first things Grim did after starting as an Unspeakable was to risk his own life to save a fellow Ministry employee who had wandered into the Department of Mysteries’ Brain Room. This in itself shows that Grim was very capable, and self-sacrificing.


We have less information about Penelope than we do Grim. She was a few years older than he was. At Hogwarts, she was sorted into Slytherin, and she became a Prefect. Her parents openly supported Lord Voldemort, and Penelope’s mother is still in Azkaban. Whether her father is dead or alive and free is not mentioned. Because of her parents, some people were suspicious of her, but Harry Potter assures us that Penelope was more than qualified for her position as an Auror, and did an excellent job.

She loved Quidditch, and supported the Pride of Portree (if you have played Hogwarts Mystery, you may recognize this as the team André is also an avid supporter of). She also preferred to travel by broom over Apparating, citing motion sickness as the main reason for this preference.

Beyond this, all we know is that Penelope was very secretive, to the point where, when she disappeared, she had left no clues as to where she might be or how she might have ended up there.

Harry’s opinion on Penelope.

Their relationship

Grim and Penelope met while they were both working at the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Penelope as an Auror and Grim as a researcher. They dated for a while – for a year before they told anyone about it – and married in June 2006. Shortly thereafter they had two children, a boy and a girl.

Grim and Penelope would write in ciphers to each other. Their notes written like this don’t necessarily look very important, and it’s presented as something they simply enjoyed doing.

We have one note from Grim to Penelope (probably) that, decoded, reads “You know what this night means to me. Five years.”

We have another note, from Penelope to Grim, that reads:

“Darling, Have you knowledge of missing classification A non-tradable goods from the department of mysteries necessary for my work. love, Nel.”

Again, these messages don’t necessarily seem very important, and the reason why they, specifically, were written in code is unknown. It is, however, most likely going to prove important later.

One of these coded messages.

The Disappearance of the London Five

Some time after Penelope and Grim were married, Penelope disappeared. She was one of five people to go missing from London – not together, but within a few hours from each other, with no trace of them. The five missing people were: Riya Patel, Timothy Hale, Kit Gerrard, Genevive Bladt and Penelope Fawley.

It is hinted by Mathilda Grimblehawk in the image above that Penelope was not the only Auror among these five, but whether all, some, or only one of the others were also Aurors is unknown.

We don’t know much about what happened with the London Five, because the Wizarding World don’t know either. It was international news, and an investigation was of course launched but, there were no traces, and so the investigation didn’t turn up much.

Closing the investigation

When the London Five disappeared, the Aurors looked for them for a long time, but even though they used all the resources they could, including borrowing magical creatures to aid in the search, they couldn’t find any clues and eventually, after a few years, the investigation was officially shut down, although Harry confides in us that off the record, they are still looking.

Grim was outraged by the decision to shut the investigation down. He tried to appeal it over and over again, eight times in total, but was always ignored, growing more and more desperate.

When the motion to terminate the investigation was discussed at a Public Hearing, Grim held a speech urging the council to keep the investigation open. (It is probably a glitch in the game, but worth noting that while the word “open” is used in the preview of this item in your Registry, if you click to see more, that word is replaced with “active.” This may mean nothing, or it might be significant.)

Probably not important, but you can never be sure with these things.

In one memo we have found from him to Harry, Grim desperately begs Harry to bend the rules in order to find Penelope. We don’t know what exactly Grim wants him to do, except that according to Harry, Grim asked him to break the law. This seems to have been before the investigation was shut down, and Grim wanted them to do something in the investigation that would have violated the law.

Harry didn’t do that.

After the investigation was closed, Grim tried to get them to reopen it, and he questioned the reason why it was closed. He wrote a memo to Gareth Greengrass begging him to convinced the council to reopen the investigation. He also expresses some frustration that Greengrass had promised to do anything they could to find the London Five, but the council – of which Greengrass was a part – shut down the investigation.

We also find another memo from Grim to Harry, where Grim asks why he isn’t allowed to see the file about his wife. He is notably upset, accusing Harry of “barring a grieving husband from the closure he deserves,” adding that this is a low move, “even for you.” It is clear from his tone that he is growing frustrated and desperate at this point.

Grim openly questions the official reason – “budgetary concerns” – for closing the investigation. He has done research that proves that the investigation didn’t cost as much money as this excuse implies, but he receives no response or explanation. Sage Bragnam tells us “there were many unseen reasons that the council took into account before we made our decision,” implying that these monetary reasons were not the only ones, perhaps not even the most important ones, but simply the reason they could put into official records.

You can tell that the tone of Grim’s memos change over time.

Grim’s own investigation

Eventually, as the tone in his memos and, presumably, his behavior at work, grew more and more aggressive, Grim was asked to take leave from his job. This is framed in a memo from Gareth Greengrass as taking some time off to grieve, but it is implied that he has no choice in the matter, and the real reason is that Grim is “causing problems at work.” Presumably he calmed down, at least outwardly, and came back to work. He had given up on persuading the Ministry to reopen the investigation, but he was convinced that his wife was still alive, so he could not stop looking.

Grim started spending time in the Love Room of the Department of Mysteries, where this conviction grew even stronger. He spent so much time in this room, that he would fall asleep there. This happened at least once, because we have found a note written by Regina Rowle (who was hired as an Unspeakable at the same time as Grim), telling him that she would not tell anyone that she found him sleeping there, but he should be more careful. Her assumption was that Grim used the Love Room as a way to move on from Penelope, but neither the other NPCs nor the clues we have found indicate that his motivations were anything other than to feel closer to Penelope and to find a way to bring her back.

At this point, Grim was still frustrated because the Aurors didn’t find anything in their investigation, and he complains in his journal that the Aurors were staying too safe, doing everything by the book and not willing to think outside the box to bring Penelope and the others back. This is where he starts entertaining the idea that perhaps there is something he can do, something the Aurors wouldn’t dare consider.

The Foundables Spell

Whatever Grim Fawley was trying to do to bring his wife back, is what resulted in the Foundables Spell. This is the spell that brings objects, memories, creatures, and people out of their time and space, and deposits them around the world.

This spell appears to be related to a spell that a murderer named Flannery used to track down one of his victims, a Hamish Steed. This happened many years ago, as the clipping where we found out about this spell is described as “very old.” Significant is that this issue of the Daily Prophet is missing from the Ministry archives, even though they have kept a record of every single issue of the paper.

In his journal, Grim Fawley writes that he believed he has found “a very old, outlawed spell meant to find what one desires most.” Assuming that Flannery for some reason had no greater desire than to find his victim, Grim is probably referring to this spell. While Grim doesn’t think he can use that spell on its own to bring his wife back, he suggests that it may be combined with something else to do so. The NPCs (specifically in this case Myra Curio, of the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office, and Constance Pickering, Junior Undersecretary at the Ministry of Magic) believe he wants to combine this spell with another one.

If the effect of the spell sounds familiar, it’s because it seems very similar to the Mirror of Erised, from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

A difference to the Foundables Spell to the spell used by Flannery is that the Foundables Spell appears to affect things that are precious. The NPCs have told us that a pattern they have seen in the Foundables is that all of them were, at some point, precious to someone.

Add a little Love

This leads us back to the Love Room in the Department of Mysteries, where Grim Fawley spent a lot of time after his wife disappeared. It also brings us to the fact that Grim corresponded with an expert on love Potions and spells, named Amorette Deneuve. She sent him a letter that contained these sentences: ”What makes us yearn for the comfort of others? Why does a broken heard hurt so? Love imbues itself into our very bones, our very souls. I believe that love is the greatest and most dangerous magic in the world.”

Out of this, Grim apparently singled out the quote “imbued in our very bones,” and made a note to himself that this could perhaps be used to find Penelope. Whose bones he intended to use is not clear.

It might not have been a spell that Grim intended to combine with this ancient spell he had found, but a potion, potentially a love potion. It does appear that he was trying to brew a potion, using ingredients like Baneberry, Jobberknoll Feathers, and Unicorn Hair. It is pointed out that there is no potion that includes all of those ingredients, and that trying to invent a new potion is a tricky affair.

Jobberknoll feathers Wizards Unite iconUnicorn Hair Wizards Unite icon

Unicorn Hair has been part of the game from the start, and is used to brew Potent Exstimulo Potion. In the game it is described as “A powerful item used in wands and Potions.” It is substituted for Abraxan Hair in Strong Exstimulo Potion, which is substituted for Granian Hair in the weaker Exstimulo Potion. What exactly the properties of all these Hairs are is not clear.

Baneberry was added with the new Tonic for Trace Detection, but apart from being berries of the Actaea plant, what properties they possess is again unknown. In our world these berries are poisonous.

Jobberknoll Feathers are not as of yet in the game, although it has been found in the code, and will be used in Memory Potion.

The Library in Prague

In order to cast whatever spell he was trying to cast, Grim Fawley also visited a library in Prague. Presumably this is the library where he also asked for an Inter-Library Loan of an Ancient Tome – the identity and contents of which are unknown. His loan was denied, but whether he gained access to the tome upon his visit to Prague is unknown.

However, it’s likely that if he gained access, it was not enough for him, because we have also found an Incident Report where “a wizarding library in Prague reports that several ancient spell books have gone missing. The librarian believes the thief was a recent visitor.” It seems obvious that Grim stole not only the one Ancient Tome he tried to borrow, but also other spell books that he thought might help him. Or, he stole more than one book to avert suspicion.

We have also found “An ancient, dusty tome” that is centuries old and written in runes. Constance Pickering speculates that this might be the book where Grim found the Foundables Spell, but as Sage Bragnam points out, we cannot be sure, because some pages have been ripped out from the middle of the book. Presumably, there is no index to tell us what those pages should contain.

The mysterious tome that may have contained part of the Foundables Spell

The Calamity

It appears that whatever spell Grim was trying to create, he did cast it, but it had an effect that he must not have anticipated. It started bringing items, memories and people – the Foundables – out of their proper time and space, crating chaos in both the Wizarding and the Muggle worlds.

However, everything that we see in the game now is not caused by the Foundables Spell.
This information does not come from the game itself, but from the redacted letter that we received in one of the game trailers.

In this letter, we are told that an Unspeakable – we don’t know who – quickly cast a counter curse. What exactly this counter curse did is unclear, but it is hinted in one of the earliest pieces of dialogue we receive from the SOS Assignments part of the game, that the Confoundables could be a result of a defensive spell. So it is entirely possible that the Foundables show up because of Grim Fawley, and the Confoundables because of whatever counter curse this unknown Unspeakable managed to cast. Either way, we are also told that this counter curse is not particularly stable, and not sufficient to contain the Calamity for very long. This is, of course, where the SOS Task Force comes in.

Unanswered Questions in Wizards Unite

There are a number of unanswered questions, as there should be after only 3 chapters in any story.

  • How and why did the London 5 disappear?
  • Why did the Ministry shut down the investigation, really?
  • What kind of spell did Grim Fawley invent or find?
  • Who cast the counter curse, and what effect did it have?
  • Where is Grim Fawley now?
  • And, because I can’t help but wonder, what has happened to Grim’s and Penelope’s two children? Who is taking care of them?

Index of Characters

Grim Fawley – Presumably caused the Calamity while searching for a way to bring his wife back.


Constance Pickering – Junior Undersecretary, Ministry of Magic

Gareth Greengrass – Senior Unspeakable, Department of Mysteries

Gethsename Prickle – Head, Department of the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures

Harry Potter – Auror, Department of Magical Law Enforcement

Mathilda Grimblehawk – Magizoologist, Department of the regulation and control of magical creatures.

Minerva McGonagall – Headmistress, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Myra Curio – Officer, Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office

Ron Weasley – Proprietor, Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes.

Sage Bragnam – Head Curator, Department of Magical Artefacts

The London Five

Genevive Bladt

Kit Gerrard

Penelope Fawley – Grim’s wife

Riya Patel

Timothy Hale

Other Characters Mentioned

Albert Sallow – Unknown who he is, but he didn’t think Grim was suited for the position as an Unspeakable, although he later wrote an evaluation stating that Grim had proved himself.

Amorette Deneuve – Expert on love potions and spells. Corresponded with Grim on the subject.

Eric Munch – Ministry Watchwizard whose life Grim saved a few weeks into being an Unspeakable.

Flannery (first name unknown) – Murderer from many years ago who may have used the spell that the Foundables Spell was based on.

Hamish Steed – Flannery’s murder victim.

Lucretia Fawley – Grim’s mother.

Marshall Fawley – Grim’s father.

Mordecai Berrycloth – Respected Auror who co-signed the recommendation letter that helped Grim get promoted to Unspeakable.

Regina Rowle – Unspeakable, the ministry’s “greatest gossip”. Was promoted at the same time was Grim.

What do you think of the Wizards Unite story? Does the plot intrigue you, or do you just care about the general gameplay? Do you have any theories on the Calamity? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

P.S. Keep up with Wizards Unite Hub on social media! We are a growing community of witches and wizards around the globe, all committed to maintaining the Statute of Secrecy and defending against the Calamity.

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Ramon Carlos
Ramon Carlos(@ramoncarlos)
2 years ago

Well done! thanks. I’d been reading the lore – but it’s nice to see it summarized in one place. I’m wondering if the story is completely fleshed out, or are they still figuring out parts of it. I’m hoping that more elements in the current universe are used to solidify the hpwu lore.

MY THEORY: Nel is alive