Wizards Unite Changes Suggested by the Community Part 2

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Hey everyone, this is sequel to yesterday’s posts on Harry Potter: Wizards Unite changes most wanted by the community. This article deals with the finer aspects of the changes in Wizards Unite that the community wishes to see.


We have dealt with the more general aspects in the previous article, so check that out. Please feel free to leave your comments and opinions, and hopefully fill in the gaps, if I missed something!

Wizards Unite Changes Players Want to See

These are all smaller details that would still have a big impact for Wizards Unite players. Not everyone will agree with these ideas, but I spoke with many players to find these suggestions!

Quality of Life Improvements

  • A better way to add friends – using barcode or QR code. No acknowledgment needed if code scanning is used. This could ease out the existing way as well as help out in creating a whole bunch of friends fast.
  • Fortress exit – adding another window to check if the player really wants to exit the Fortress.
  • Being able to leave and return to Fortresses, allowing Fortress timer to be paused while we are outside (solo play only). The HP would remain at what it was before we left, but we could otherwise exit to collect Spell Energy and/or Potions and return to the fight as long as we are within range of the Fortress. As a feature, it would be nice for those who run out of Spell Energy, or for those who want to replenish a Baruffio’s Brain Elixir before finishing a battle.
  • This would also fix a lot of heartache from being booted out from Fortresses due to bugs as anyone who bugged out can return as if they intentionally left. I’d assume you are at a similar situation to me where the majority of Runestones you get are higher level, so losing them really hurts. For group battles, it would not stop the timer but you can still exit to collect stuff and return to support the fight.
  • Remove common Ingredients from 5km and 10km Portkeys. It is so frustrating to walk the extra distance only to receive a bunch of common Ingredients.
  • Add ability to cancel a queued Potion, even if it means losing the Ingredients for it.
  • We would like to see some sort of reward system for completing 7 days in a row of assignments. Spell Books, Silver Keys, Dark Detectors, etc. Right now if I miss a day completing stuff, it has no meaning. Logging on each day doesn’t really offer many incentives other than the daily reward which resets monthly, and that isn’t much.
  • Foundables shouldn’t depart on a Masterful spell cast. Also multiple Masterful spell casts in a row should result in a guaranteed return of the Foundable. The gameplay makes getting a Masterful cast such a hard thing, so if you are able to achieve one, shouldn’t you have the ability to enjoy it to the max?
  • Increased Gift-opening limit. 10 is far too low when you have a lot of friends.
  • Make it possible to collect Ingredients from a Greenhouse without having to visit at the right time, if you initially planted the Seeds. Maybe this could cost Gold to borrow an Owl for delivery or something else.
  • Some way to make your Ministry ID photo visible to other players in-game. What’s the point of all the frames and stickers for your portrait if no one can see it?
  • Sorting function for Ingredients, Runestones, and Gifts. Sort by Runestone type and level, sort by quantity (highest to lowest, lowest to highest), sort Runestones according to the Registry order from left to right. Sort Gifts by type or by location. Sort the Ingredients based on Potion, sort by quantity, etc.
  • Add an additional visual effect to Traces on the Map that the fragment is needed for the player’s Registry. A simple dot on the side of the Foundable or any small visual cue could help a great deal.
  • Update the Fortress layout. In the current situation, players’ avatars are on top, Strategic Spells are along the bottom, and Foes are in the middle. To cast Charms, players need to tap and drag the Charm all the way to the top. My suggestion is to put the team row closer to the Hexes and Charms. The proposed order will be team avatars on top, followed by Strategic Spells, with Foes along the bottom. Players will drag Charms upwards to the player avatar and Hexes downwards to Foes. This will help to cast Strategic Spells more effectively.
  • Make Community Day a full day, or at least have it last 3 hours on both Saturday and Sunday. This would allow more players to participate. Right now, many people work during Community Day, especially since it’s always at the same time and almost always on Saturday. Another alternative would be Community Day lasting the full day, but players can only participate for 3 hours. This would still accommodate different schedules while not giving a huge advantage to players free all day long.
  • Add an animation skip option when a Foundable resists. It so frustrating to have to watch the same resist action every time. A simple mechanism, like a tap, to skip through them would be a huge help!

Brand new idea

Here’s a wild idea: when I find a Trace, I can trap it. Traps are items that may be like Silver Keys in their cost and rarity. The effect of the trap is to keep that Trace in that location for other players for 4 hours. It is marked on the map as a beam like for severity, but visible to all players within view. So I’m traipsing along, I see a Weasley’s Car, I trap it. Some players can see that trap and come over to see what it is and attempt to return the Foundable. I can post to the community chat that I trapped a Weasley’s Car on the nearby road, and my friends who need a Weasley’s Car get themselves over there as soon as possible.

Miscellaneous Wizards Unite ideas

  • Being able to use a Runestone with a Tonic for Trace Detection Potion in the wild to draw that family. The level of the Runestone used determines the severity level of the Traces that appears. It could actually help many of us put our high-level Runestones to good use.
  • Pets/familiars, similar to the buddy system in PoGo. Owls, cats, toads, rats, etc. that follow us around and can be fed and return small items to us at certain distance intervals (exactly like PoGo candies, but with things like Ingredients or small Gold amounts).
  • Recurring old Brilliant Events, to allow newer players a chance at finishing those pages and old players the opportunity to finish them or continue ranking them up. Coupling a few of the old ones and running them for a few weeks could help out the players who missed.
  • Polyjuice Potion in the Fortress. It will encourage us to build up another profession. Go in as a Professor come out as an Auror. Efficient. The skill tree of the current profession could be put to use, so you have like Professor’s spells and Auror’s abilities.
  • Add family-specific Runestone bundles to Diagon Alley. I would absolutely pay for some more Magical Games and Sports Runestones right now since I’m still stuck at 13/15 on those Quidditch Stands Fragments after burning through my whole store and grinding out more.
  • The drop rate for rare Foundables has gotten a little better, but could still improve. It is highly daunting to find a rare or higher fragment and achieve the numbers required to complete the Registry, let alone the number it would take to get that page all the way to gold. Buffing the Tonic for Trace Detection potion the way Dark Detectors are now buffed would do the trick to an extent.
  • Adding some more strategic elements to combat would be great, like special Spells that are strong against certain Foes, can only be used once per challenge, and need to be upgraded individually (maybe as the next round of lessons). Adding gear that you can equip to help in Wizarding Challenges, but you need to find/upgrade in Traces would help tie the two parts of the game together more.
  • More differentiation to the RPG aspects of the game. Currently, each of the professions drives players to the identical end state. One high-level Professor is pretty much the same as every other high-level Professor (ditto for Magizoologists and Aurors). In other RPGs, there is more emphasis on customization of your skill tree and not the strong emphasis on the completion of all skills. For example, I for one would like to see different types of high-level Professor with different special abilities.

Inspired by other games

Here are some mechanics from other games that I would like to see implemented in Wizards Unite. Granted, some might of changed as I have not played these other games for a while. Just mentioning these game ideas as they could help out!

The Walking Dead – Our World

  • Groups – join a group you can then chat with other people in-game. Could be a coven or similar in Wizards Unite.
  • Group missions – missions all members in the group generally help finish and you earn decent rewards. Resets every week or so. Want to catch 500 Dementors in a week? Team up and Patronus them!
  • Flares – a group member casts a flare and for a limited time all group members can teleport to that location, great for rare spawns, etc –  Floo powder could be the ingredient in Wizards Unite.
  • Buildings – you can rescue people and return them to a building for rewards. The building stays wherever you place it and levels up for better rewards, but it can decay and disappear if not leveled up often enough.


  • A portable portal you can summon takes premium currency to relocate, cool down for use is twice that of a normal portal. It could also be included as a Portkey version, where if you use a gallon, the rewards get doubled. As a catch, we can add that the feature can be used only once in a week.

Ingress/Pokémon GO

  • Missions. Actual incentives to move around to new areas! Something that could be specific to a region and changes per day. It would be a bit of a refreshing take on the game and mission could be given out when visiting an inn.
  • At the very least, something that is similar to the Pokéstops giving out tasks in PoGo. As an example, a task to collect 5 rare Foundables gives you 10 Spell Energy or a new Potion Ingredient. Make a Masterful Cast gives you 5 Gold. You can be limited to a certain number of tasks per day.

Jurassic Park

  • PVP – not location-based, can duel anywhere. This is probably going to trigger some people. Just PVP could help, but a non-location based one, with a ranking could show us who are the best players and be a homage to the RPG nature of the game.

Generic other game ideas other games use

  • Spell Energy regeneration. It could be useful that a certain amount of Spell Energy, at least as much as your level/ ranking is regenerated every day. It can be collected only during that day and doesn’t stack. It could help out rural players, who are desperate for Spell Energy while giving the urban players a bit more free Spell Energy to play around.

Final thoughts on Wizards Unite changes

What do you think of these proposed Wizards Unite changes? Would you like to see any of them in Wizards Unite, or do you think they might make the game too easy?

What are your ideas for keeping the game challenging while still balancing out the difficulty for rural players or players who have multiple commitments that make time-limited events impossible to complete?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Jaelyn Rhys
Jaelyn Rhys(@jaelynrhys)
2 years ago

have options available for disabled and mobility impaired players who can’t necessarily unlock even a 2 or 3 km portkey. ESPECIALLY in a set period of time (ie during events) even if it’s paying gold to unlock them or skip that task.

i dont object to the 0.25km a day one. thats totally reasonable (820 feet). but ive repeatedly missed out on prizes or whole levels because i couldn’t pass the ‘unlock 3 portkeys’ challenge.

Alexander Stefaniak
Alexander Stefaniak(@alexanderstefaniak)
2 years ago
Reply to  Jaelyn Rhys

I think this makes sense. Your ability to roam won’t be unlimited, either in time or distance. You will eventually return to your starting point, so you can’t “walk” across town to get a Foundable that someone just posted about, and you can’t keep something moving you for hours at a time uniterrupted, but something similar to the onscreen joysticks that spoofers use in PoGo to walk your avatar around. Limited to a ridiculously slow speed, but still gives you a fighting chance.

Robert Stone
Robert Stone(@robertstone)
2 years ago

Noooo!!! Leave the daily task ALONE! Punishing players for missing a day because they have a job and having to restart your 7 day tasks like in pogo is AWFUL!!! Please don’t encourage this!!!

Also I would add that simply being able to “Label” your friends could help gifting so that you can note what each friend wants most as a gift.

Alexander Stefaniak
Alexander Stefaniak(@alexanderstefaniak)
2 years ago
Reply to  Robert Stone

Not sure the suggestion is to necessarily eliminate, but how about adding to it? Right now, your rewards in PoGo are for catching, spinning and completing a research task for 7 days. Granted, the last one doesn’t negate your progress if you skip a day like the other two, but a similar concept.

Todd Soper
Todd Soper(@toddsoper)
2 years ago

It is currently extremely anti-climactic when a Gold-prestiged page is completed. Nothing happens. At all. No reward. No storyline congratulatory message. Yay, I got everything. Whoopee. Is there any reason I should continue?

Tom DePace
Tom DePace(@tomdepace)
2 years ago

Trading Ingredients with friends or with a shop in Diagon Alley would be useful.

Dave Brent
Dave Brent(@davebrent)
2 years ago

The ability to drop ingredients at a Greenhouse would be a great way to “trade” with other players. The ingredient could be available there for an hour. Another Greenhouse option could be to not only use spell energy to increase the yield but to possibly Reduce or Adjust the growing time. 7 hours is just an inconvenient amount of time.

2 years ago

The best thing is that a lot of these suggestions could be part of a skill tree that we’d have to unlock… that would be so good 🙂

Caitlin Mains
Caitlin Mains(@caitlinmains)
2 years ago

Oh and sorting friends these ones always give me gifts these ones are most likely to run into etc. Also it would be nice if they showed others on the map with an option to turn that function off from the start. I know someone frequents my greenhouses but I’ve yet to run into them I’ve run into pokemon players and I know people play but I’d really like some more wizards to help with fortresses.

2 years ago

Less bandwidth and battery usage please. Also consider during winter, batteries hold less charge, so requiring Portkeys to be unlocked is much harder.

Alexander Stefaniak
Alexander Stefaniak(@alexanderstefaniak)
2 years ago

Not sure about the suggestion to stop brewing a potion, but how about letting us re-order them? Drag and drop to let a Healing Potion jump the queue ahead of the 3 Baruffio’s you have brewing before it if you need to complete X to finish a task. A potion to double Family Foundable and Challenge XP would be nice. And extend Baruffio’s to ANYTHING that grants Wizarding XP. New levels of that to allow both, perhaps? Strong to also double Family and Potent to include Challenges? And what gods do I need to beseech to shorten the animation for… Read more »

Alexander Stefaniak
Alexander Stefaniak(@alexanderstefaniak)
2 years ago

I also like the idea of reopening Events for a limited time. Like Pokemon GO does in December to bring back ALL the Community Day increased spawns and legacy moves. And since the icon updates to be unique at the end of the Event, it will be apparent which one it’s for. And it’s not just because there was a time that I failed to complete one of the tasks and missed out on a Restricted Spell Book, dammit! Keep it short. Do it over the course of just a weekend. But at least the new players will have a… Read more »

2 years ago

“Increased Gift-opening limit” — weren’t they going to make us pay for that? Sneaky lil’ devs…

Alicia Koury Calsyn
Alicia Koury Calsyn(@aliciacalsyn)
1 year ago

I would love to see the foundables turn red (like spell energy or stores) if it is full. There have been quite a few times when I have been clicking through a flock of foundables too quickly in direct sun (or dying phone dimness) and realized later that I had prestiged that page and now need that foundable. If the numbers turn red, it would be easy to tell at a glance!

Willemien Nieuwstad
Willemien Nieuwstad(@willemiennieuwstad)
1 year ago

I would like special rewards for filling out a gold page. There’s just nothing special happening. So it doesn’t feel very rewarding to fill up a gold page. Nothing happens at the end.

1 year ago

– Scrolls for books exchange.
– When one of your friends in the list is in a forstress, it would be nice to ‘apparate’ in that fortress to join the battle. A bit like Ron with the deluminator. This way you don’t need to be at the same place at the same time to battle with friends.