Gifts in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Wizards Unite Gifting Screens

Niantic has announced that Gifts will be coming to Harry Potter: Wizard Unite! Just in time for Black Friday and the Season of Giving. Finally, there is something we can do with our Friends List. While it is still unknown when this feature will actually roll out, the latest update does contain all of the needed code. We will just have to wait for Niantic to ‘hit the switch.’ This should happen when the update is forced to all users!

Everything You Need to Know about Gifts in Wizards Unite

As of the writing of this, Niantic has only issued a short blog post on Gifts and gifting. Based on the blog post and experience with Pokémon GO, we are confident in how this system will work.


Want to watch a video? Editor-in-chief Brita has a quick guide to gifts on her YouTube channel.

What are Gifts?

Similar to Pokémon Go, Gifts will be acquired at Points of Interest. This means that you can find them at Inns, Greenhouses, and Fortresses. Gifts will drop from Inns and Greenhouses about 50% of the time. However, Gifts are guaranteed rewards when you win a Wizarding Challenge at a Fortress!

One interesting feature unique to Wizards Unite is that each of the three kinds of POIs will reward a different colored Gift. According to Niantic:

  • Blue Gift Boxes collected from Inns will reward players with Spell Energy.
  • Yellow Gift Boxes collected from Fortresses will reward players with Runestones.
  • Green Gift Boxes collected from Greenhouses will reward players with Potion Ingredients.

This means you can be a little more specific and thoughtful when giving gifts. It is suspected that Yellow and Green Gifts will be more likely to contain rarer items. This could be a great way to collect Potion Ingredients that are typically only in Portkeys, like Unicorn Hair and Dragon Claw… Furthermore, it was stated that any Gift received at a sponsored location will give greater rewards. I suspect this could mean more and/or better.

Once acquired, Gifts will be stored in a new Gift Tab in the Inventory. While the official blog states the maximum is 100 Gifts in this tab, the example image only shows a cap of 30 Gifts. This could be because the initial cap is 30, and you can increase the number of slots to 100 through Storage Expansions. Either way, this is a great improvement over Pokémon GO’s 10 at a time. These Gifts in your Inventory will never go away either.

How Do I Send Gifts?

Now that we know how to acquire Gifts to give, let us move on to what to do next. Give them away of course! You can’t give gifts to yourself, that wouldn’t be any fun. You can, however, give Gifts to your Friends. To give a Gift to your Friends, simply open your Friend List, click on a Friend, and once their Ministry ID pulls up there should be a button to send a Gift. Once you click on said button, a new screen will pop up displaying a full list of Gifts, their color, and where they came from. Just choose a Gift and off it goes. There is no limit on how many Gifts you can send in a day, but you can only give each Friend one Gift every 24 hours.

This means that you can only send Gifts to people on your Friend List. This means it’s time to finally start using the List and add anyone you play with. While Wizards Unite has yet to implement a QR code for sharing Friend Codes, it is fairly easy to copy and paste your code over text or to just type it in.

Opening Gifts

Once you start sending Gifts, your Friends will return the favor. Opening Gifts will be done in a similar manner as sending them, but this time on a Friend’s Ministry ID there will most likely be a Gift button or Icon. Once this is pressed the Gift will be opened and its contents revealed. While the exact contents are unknown until the gift is opened, the color of the Gift will hint at what is inside.

Sadly, you can only open 10 Gifts a day (this most likely resets at Midnight local time). Opening 10 Gifts will go by quickly, but don’t worry, Gifts given to you won’t go away, you just won’t be able to get Gifts from that Friend until you open their previous Gift.

Finding Friends

Just like in the real world, making Friends doesn’t have to be hard. Just get out and play during Events, Community Day, or nice evenings or weekends. You’ll start to bump into other Witches and Wizards playing Wizards Unite. The good news is you already know you have something in common – a love for Harry Potter. You may have already met and befriended fellow Players in your area–add them if you haven’t already. Add their friends and family too.

It is best to add people you plan to see in person regularly. While the Friends List cap is at 200, keeping track of all of them and sending Gifts can get hectic. Additionally, although nothing has been announced yet, in Pokémon GO, there are Friendship Levels, and the higher the Level the more Bonuses you get from Raiding (similar to Fortress Battles). This means it is better to have Friends List full of Witches and Wizards you see and play with regularly.

Let’s be clear on one thing: Wizards Unite Hub does not endorse adding strangers from the internet or even your local community chats (Discord, Facebook, GroupMe, etc.), but it would be naive to neglect that it is a practice that does occur. As of right now, there is no in-game chat in Wizards Unite, but when sending Gifts the name and picture of the POI will be displayed. An early feature, bug, error (who really knows) of Gifts in Pokémon GO was the Gift image and description could be clicked on, and the Gift recipient was shown the exact location of the POI in Google Maps.

In other words – be careful when talking to, befriending, or meeting people from online chats or message boards. That isn’t to say don’t do it, but be careful.

Right now there really doesn’t seem to be a benefit to befriending Players from far-flung places. There is no bonus, nor regionally exclusive Potion Ingredients or Runestones.

Being a Good Friend

How can you be a good Friend in Wizard Unite – well give Gifts. It really is that simple. While I’m sure your Friends will understand if you can’t send one every day, the more often you send Gifts, the more your Friends will appreciate it. You don’t want to be that Player that never sends Gifts and only opens them. That’s pretty rude and one-sided. If you keep it up you might see yourself getting removed from a Friends List or two.

Conversely, give your Friends some slack, if they miss one day of Gifting, don’t delete them. We all are busy and some might not play every day.

Communicate with your Friends. If you need more Gifts, let them know. If you want a Gift of a certain color, let them know. Do the same for them. Just think you could be out battling with a Friend and running low on Spell Energy, they happen to have some spare Blue Gifts, and voila – more Energy.

Lastly, when you meet new Players, don’t demand they add you as a Friend. Some people just aren’t comfortable adding strangers. Plus I’m sure the more you play the more you’ll run into the same people and your list will flourish.

Have Fun with Your Friends

Gifting is just another step in helping to create a vibrant and exciting Community Game. It’s more fun to play together, and the point is to get out and explore your community and the world. This includes the people in it. Use your Gifts to express yourself, or brag about I mean share your travels. Get to know your Friends and send them funny POIs or maybe they prefer more educational ones.

On a personal note, I travel for work, a lot and all over. I have played Pokémon GO and now Wizards Unite since day 1. In that time I have met and added some great people from all corners of the globe. I love getting to see places around their towns, or reminded of POI from my visits or places back home. I also know that most of my Friends like seeing all the random POIs and places I get to go. I’ve even acquired the nickname Matt San Diego, as some of my Friends like to muse “Where in the World is Matt San Diego?”

The Future of Gifts

What does the future hold for Gifts and Friends? We’ll have to see, but Pokémon GO might shed some hints. As mentioned before, PoGo has Friendship Levels, each Level is based on how many days you have interacted (1, 7, 30, or 90) and provide different bonuses. This could easily translate to Wizards Unite and the bonus could be increased Power, Defence, or Focus in Fortress Battles. It could also mean a little bit extra XP or Foundables after winning.

Another thing, the major component to be honest, of Gifts in PoGo, are Pokémon Eggs. Eggs operate like Portkey Portmanteaus in WU, requiring a distance to walk, but then only give one Pokémon. In the future Wizards Unite Gifts could contain rare Foundables or even Portkey Portmanteaus. Maybe that will be how Dragon Eggs come back? We’ll have to wait and see.

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John N
John N(@johnn)
2 years ago

Is it once every 24 hours or does it reset at midnight? Those are two very different things.

Also, these words aren’t capitalized – friends, players, raiding, events, gifts, inventory…

Rebecca Medicine Eagle
Rebecca Medicine Eagle(@rebeccamedicineeagle)
2 years ago

Excellent! Thank you for taking the time to share so many details of this exciting feature. I, too played PoGo since launch but have found myself evolving into HPWU instead. This new Gifting feature is highly anticipated and I’m sure it will be a hit. Niantic does a great job of expeditiously troubleshooting any errors that crop up which certainly increases my trust in both the Devs and the Company. Love this game! ⚡️

Melissa Oswald
Melissa Oswald(@melissaoswald)
2 years ago

I started getting gifts a little over an hour ago!! I only have one IRL wizard friend, so my new internet friends are going to be getting a lot of gifts! The first one I received was 500 XP and 12 spells!

Lazell Preator
Lazell Preator(@lazellpreator)
2 years ago

Makes no sense to only be able to open 10 gifts….it should be one gift to/from each friend a day to encourage you to have friends…..this way, you really only need 10 friends, any more than that will get ignored after the first two days.
I really like the idea of gifts, but not how it is implemented so far.

2 years ago
Reply to  Lazell Preator

I guess the idea is to make you pay for extending the limit of 10. One way towards a greater chance of getting 10 gifts is to extend the “friend” base. Since this is a fake friend system, you don’t need to worry that someone deletes you when you fail to gift them, because you can always replace the “friend” with another. I have three real friends and added 4 anonymous accounts, just to get it rolling. Not getting 10 gifts a day, but, well, these gifts are not that precious anyway. Getting essential runestones from friends and gifting them… Read more »

Lena Luthor
Lena Luthor(@lenaluthor)
10 months ago

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