Wizards Unite Fan Festival Details and Activations REVEALED


The first ever Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Fan Festival is just a couple weeks away! I’m gonna need a moment to process. This is coming up so quick… I might need to go do some deep breathing…

Pardon me. The hype was too WAY real there for a second.


Luckily Niantic has posted an update on the event! In a blog post HERE this Thursday morning on the Wizards Unite Website, we were given brand new details on Dragon Encounters, sponsored activities, and festival attractions!

Dragons CONFIRMED at the Park

Dragons are the big feature they are highlighting for the event and we have confirmation of FOUR different dragons! The infographic posted shows a Common Welsh Green, Antipodean Opaleye, Peruvian Vipertooth, and the Chinese Fireball.

The banner featuring the Indianapolis skyline also has two dragons. While they are not labeled, it looks like one is the Peruvian Vipertooth, and the other holds a striking resemblance to a Chinese Fireball.

One could argue that the small dragon in the upper right might be the Hungarian Horntail, with the striking red flecked wings. However, I think the Fireball is a safer bet, as the signature morningstar tip that nearly snuffed out the light that is Harry like FIVE times in the first task of the Triwizard Tournament, is hidden from view.

Mind you, this is as an observation from an Auror in Alaska with minimal contact with dragons other than basic training. So I will be MORE than happy to see a Horntail at WizU Fan Fest!

Witches and wizards in the park will have an opportunity to catch ALL the dragons (notice how they are once again ambiguous about the number) and then after the event, the dragons will be regional exclusives! I just really hope Alaska and my Northern Territory brethren won’t be left out of the regional fun as they were with the first (ahem… and second…) rounds of regionals in Pokémon GO!

At the Wizards Unite panel in San Diego, they ALSO teased new dragon-related characters! My hope is we finally spot Rita Skeeter sporting her dragon-themed outfit from the fourth film. ICONIC. 

No matter what, dragons are going to be a major feature for players and I’m VERY excited to get some fantastic AR photos with a Common Welsh!

Threat Clock and Fan Festival Special Assignments

The Wizards Unite team is fulfilling ALL of our hopes and dreams with a REAL LIFE THREAT CLOCK. I remember seeing the threat clock for the first time and thinking it was the coolest thing EVER and being so excited to see what they would do with it.

It sounds like some events will trigger the threat clock to move into different sections within the park. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them use this to announce the arrival of the dragons or the completion of certain tasks. It also sounds like they will be using it to announce higher concentrations of high threats within the park.

There will also be certain tasks we must complete at the event, much like at Pokémon GO Fest. They haven’t let us know what exactly those tasks will be, but I’m hoping they include the Dragon-related characters we were promised at SDCC!

Fully Immersive!

The Threat Clock is mentioned once again, so my guess is they are just as excited about this as we #WUtubers are! It’s part of their immersive experience for this event and I’m looking forward to the rest of the features!

Themed lounges will be sprinkled through the park, offering much-needed shelter from the elements and ports to charge your phone while you engage in some potions and ingredients trivia. Looks like I need to go and hit the books to study!

There are several pictures of their concepts for the lounges that will be in the park. Dibs on that couch… you know which one… dibs.

They also mention there will be lots of Wizarding World Artefacts scattered through the park along with Dragon Eggs and Acromantula Eggs! So make sure you keep your eye on Instagram as we all snap photo after photo with our favorite Wizarding World artifacts!

Landmark flags will be through the park as well, helping us all find the Foundables we need to prestige our pages and get those amazing Instagram photos!

Rather than attractions, Niantic is using the word “Activations” since many of these will only be visible to you for the day you’ve purchased your tickets. So if you haven’t got your ticket, make sure to go snag them now!

(PSST… also, snag a power bank from Amazon because you know you’re gonna need it)

Partner (Activations) with AT&T and Simon!

AT&T and Simon have been partners for sponsored Inns and Fortresses since the beginning for the game, and they are coming through for WizU Fan Fest!

While normally we would call these “attractions” or “features” or “activities,” Niantic is calling them “Activations” which may mean we need to use our pass to participate in the “Activations” sprinkled through the park

AT&T has quite a few exclusive offers and an inflatable Niffler for a photo op. If it’s the kind of inflatable that I’m thinking of, it’s the kind that is HUGE and about the size of a bouncy castle. That’s more terrifying than the Niffler I battled back in February!

They’ve also teased exclusive activities with AT&T at their tent. Definitely won’t be a miss!

Simon will also be there with vouchers for $10 gift cards at the Simon Malls in Indianapolis and a drawing for a $10,000 shopping spree! 

Global Activities Teased

As with Pokémon GO Fest, Niantic is teasing Global activities for those who cannot attend WizU Fan Fest. They haven’t given us any details on what they will be, but given Niantic’s experience with giving global players the immersive experience they crave without even being in the park, I have high hopes that these tasks and activities will be on par!

This blog update has cranked up my hype-o-meter to over nine-thousand and I can’t wait to see you all in Indianapolis on August 31st! 

Matt from Animagus has already done a video wrap up for this that you should check out!

Make sure to follow me over on Instagram and Twitter so you can watch my misadventures traveling from Alaska to Indy, meeting my fellow #WUtubers for the first time, and attempting to catch all of these amazing activations in the park! I’m gonna need so much coffee.

There better be a coffee truck at the park with the fleet of food trucks.

If you need gear before the festival, check out the Snitches & Witches shop.

Not sure what to pack for the weekend? We’ve put together a handy packing list!


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