Cast Masterful Spells with a Wand Stylus!


Ollivanders might have some new competition in the wand-selling business, especially to members of the Statute of Secrecy Task Force!

Do you currently use a stylus to play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite? If not, have you been thinking about trying a stylus to improve your spell-casting?


Then you will LOVE the variety of custom wand styluses created by magical Etsy sellers.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you click on one and make a purchase, I might earn a small commission at no cost to you. 

So far I have found three* Etsy stores (with photos) all competing to be the next Ollivanders. However, each one uses a different technique to create their magic wand styluses. As such, they also sell their wands at different price points.

Two of these Etsy sellers are also part of the subreddit /r/harrypotterwu.

*Technically four, but the fourth is also selling branded merchandise that’s not officially licensed. It’s one thing to create something inspired by Harry Potter. It’s another thing to sell products with licensed logos on them. 

Comparing Stylus Wands

Before sharing gorgeous photos and detailed descriptions of each Etsy seller and their wands, I first want to do a quick side-by-side comparison. If you already know your budget and your desired wand style, this will help you decide which Etsy shop is right for you. Prices are in US dollars.

Store Name Price Range Wand Description
LoveAuntMeredith $7.50-10.00 4.5 inches in length, painted in a variety of neutrals with metallic accents. Not tested on Android devices.
LivingSkyWands $31.51-35.45 6 inches in length, made with wood, polymer clay, copper detailing & core, paints, and sealants. Compatible with Android and iOS devices.
TheNiftyNiffler $14.99-19.99 5.5 inches in length, created from metal keychains. Compatible with Android and iOS devices.


Simple Painted Wand Stylus by LoveAuntMeredith

Meredith has been an Etsy seller since 2016. She’s sold over 700 items, and she has over 100 reviews, with an average 5-star rating. In addition to selling custom wand styluses, she also sells wand pencils, wand pens, and other hand-crafted items.

Meredith does not explain how she creates her wand styluses. However, looking at her products, I predict that she buys stylus pens in bulk and then paints them. She also might use some sort of clay or even hot glue to create the texture at the top. Out of the three Etsy shop wand stylus designs, this would be the easiest to make yourself at home.

These stylus wands are the least expensive of the three Etsy sellers. You save even more money if you buy in bulk, with the price dropping to $7.50 per wand if you purchase 6 wands. This is a great option for families, for gifts, for prizes at a Harry Potter party, etc.

Wand Styluses

Elaborate Painted Wand Stylus by LivingSkyWands

Brett and Kathleen are new to Etsy. Their products are so gorgeous and perfect for playing Wizards Unite! Or even Hogwarts Mystery, if you’re still into that. They’ve had 18 sales so far with no reviews. However, I plan on ordering a custom wand from them, and I will leave a review! I will also update this post with my own photos.

Brett and Kathleen list the following materials for their wand styluses: Wood, Copper, Polymer Clay, Clay, Polymer, Acrylic, Paint, Mod Podge, Sealant, Stylus, Nib, Glue, Metallic.

On reddit, they describe their wand-making process. “The core is wood and the detailing is mostly modeling clay which is fired in an oven to be hardened into a plastic-like material which is then painted multiple times and then sealed over.”

In my opinion, these wand styluses wouldn’t be too difficult to make at home, but they would be time-consuming, especially if you’re just making one or two. This would be a fun project for a Harry Potter party, though!

These stylus wands are the most expensive of the bunch, but you do get a custom wand with gorgeous detailing. I like the simple lines of The Aristocrat the best–it just needs a little pink! Luckily I can pay just a few more dollars for a completely custom wand.

Wand Styluses
L to R: The Aristocrat, Mystical Redwood, Rotted Greatwood

Metal Wand Stylus by TheNiftyNiffler

Naomi and Patrick are also new to Etsy. However, they’ve already had over 300 sales! They also have 34 reviews with an average 5-star rating. In addition to wand styluses, they also sell spell trace stencils. (These are currently out-of-stock as I write this post).

I actually know exactly how they create these wand styluses because they follow a tutorial shared by another reddit user, polytrigon. In addition to giving their blessing to Naomi and Patrick to set up shop, Polytrigon has also given me permission to share their tutorial, so you can find that below.

These stylus wands are priced between the other two options. For most of their wand styles, you are not purchasing a custom wand. You are getting a wand stylus made from a keychain set you can find on Amazon. If you are looking for a wand inspired by famous witches and wizards, this is a great option!

Wand Styluses

How to Make Your Own Wand Stylus

This detailed tutorial comes from Polytrigon on reddit. I’ve edited it for clarity. Polytrigon also put together an image gallery for reference.


Wand Stylus Materials

Wand Stylus DIY Tutorial

  1. First take the wand you want to turn into a stylus wand, wrap the foam around it, and then clamp it down. I turned my vice on its side so that the downward pressure would push against the table. Since the wand is metal it’s going to take some firm pressure to cut into it.
  2. Next drill your hole in the bottom of the wand. This needs to be as perfectly centered as possible. The Dremel works really well here because I can hold it with two hands and press downward. As the wand is metal, it’s going to skip around at first so I run my drill at a lower RPM until it starts to bite into the metal. Then I turn up the RPM as it goes in. Metal cutting fluid helps here–WD40 works like a charm. The metal in these wands seems to be relatively soft so don’t be intimidated!
  3. Once you’ve drilled your hole, you need to smooth the edges. I deburred the end with a jewelers file. Then I ran the drill a few more times. The stylus tip comes with a metal tube which you just take off. You should also clip the end nib since the 1/16 diameter bit is just large enough. Test fit the stylus into the hole.
  4. If the stylus doesn’t slide in just run the drill inside the hole a few more times to make it slightly wider–it doesn’t take much!
  5. Now just drop some CA glue into the hole, slide the stylus in, and you’re done!

Do you plan on buying a wand stylus, making your own, or continuing to play as you already do? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Reinhard Mitschang
Reinhard Mitschang(@reinhardmitschang)
2 years ago

I have a 3D-printed wand-stylus on my todo-list, but won’t be able to work on it for the next 2 months. When ready, I’ll publish the files on Thingiverse

Naomi Paz
Naomi Paz(@naomipaz)
2 years ago

OH MY GOSH! Naomi from the Nifty Niffler here! We are so overjoyed to be included with these other WONDERFUL etsy sellers. We’ve been in contact with Brett and Kathleen with some brainstorming about packaging and they are really awesome people. Please consider one of their gorgeous handmade wands, they are great craftsmen. Quick note: We just wanted to also give another shoutout to /u/polytrigon from reddit who gave us permission to set up our etsy shop-the last thing we wanted to do was take someone’s idea and he was really cool about everything. We also do 3D printed custom… Read more »