The Best Hogwarts Mystery Memes: Savage Edition

Hogwarts Mystery mobile game
Hogwarts Mystery mobile game

Hogwarts Mystery is not a great game, and by now, everyone and their owl is aware of that. With micro transactions sucking the life out of this whimsical RPG-oid adventure, and with almost non-existent game play mechanics, Hogwarts Mystery has fallen flat on it’s promise to deliver an immersive Hogwarts experience.

However, when one fails, the Internet raises to the occasion, celebrating that failure with hundreds of memes, jokes and satirical comments. Today, we’re bringing you the best of the Hogwarts Mystery memes we found on reddit, Twitter and Instagram. Credits for all memes go to  to appropriate meme wizards across the interwebs!


Harry Potter: Hogwarts Misery

Hogwarts Mystery be like

Harry Potter Inherits 40 Minutes of “Hogwarts Mystery” Playing Time (Colorized 2018)

Save your time and money, play these Harry Potter games instead

Gender dilema

Jokes on you!

Hogwarts Mystery.EXE

Would have been a better decision…

Hogwarts Mystery energy

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