REVELIO! Hidden Text in Wizards Unite Trailer


Did you notice the hidden message in the official trailer for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite?

Through the combined efforts of multiple WUtubers and redditors, the redacted message has been pieced together and translated into English. While there are some minor disagreements over the exact translations, I have done my best to read through the variations to put together the redacted message. The French translation is my own.


For a discussion on the Japanese translation, check out the reddit thread.

Special thanks to:

See all the snippets arranged together.

Redacted Letter in Wizards Unite Trailer

Dear Kinglsey Shacklebolt,

CONFIDENTIAL: Please reply without delay

Since the incident last night, we have been inundated with owls from Ministries across the globe asking what on earth has happened and who is responsible for this Calamity we now find ourselves in. We must prepare our official response as soon as possible.

French Ministry of Magic: Without wanting to spread baseless conspiracy theories, we wonder if there is a connection with the London Five. Have there been any recent developments in this investigation?

Spanish Ministry of Magic: Are the rumors true that the man responsible is married to one of the London Five?

Japanese Ministry of Magic: The Calamity would not have happened if someone didn’t use forbidden curses. Has the Ministry been obeying the Prohibition?

Chinese Ministry of Magic: We congratulate this quick-thinking Unspeakable who has cast a counter curse. Would it be possible for you to provide detailed information about him, so that we can send out an owl?

Italian Ministry of Magic: They are already reporting that the counter spell is very unstable. It seems that the things implemented to control the incident are not sufficient in the long term.

Quoted Verbatim.

So you can see the extent of the concern, please see the following owl immediately in order to update the wizarding community. All this communication is highly sensitive, please please destroy post haste, accordingly.

Yours Sincerely,

Mathilda Grimblehawk


We don’t know much yet, but I can confidently guess one thing.

Wizards Unite will be an exciting game, with a detailed plot, that engages players for a long time!

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