Harry Potter #WUtubers: December 2018 Wizards Unite YouTube Listing


December was an extremely exciting month for Harry Potter Wizards Unite fans! Along with the holidays, this month brought forth the second trailer, a [once again] updated website, and two new channels to feature: Accio Explore and Jenessa Black.

Also, congratulations to Zealman Plays for breaking the 100 subscriber mark!


In terms of subscribers, it was a rough month for many #WUtubers. YouTube deactivated many bots and inactive channels and as you can see below, the numbers may have impacted some channels more than others.

Here are #WUtuber channels to check out and their stats over the past month:

Wizards Unite YouTubers

GoShinyHunter: 15,509 (+435)

PokeFodderYT: 8,661 (+25)

The Squibbler: 3,933 (+0)

WizardTube: 2,715 (+70)

The Final Wizard: 1,338 (+319)

Wizard Way: 714 (+23)

Wizard Tricks: 547 (-46)

Uniting Wizards: 244 (+1)

The Portkey Adventures: 231 (+8)

The Room of Requirement: 160 (-2)

Wizard PhD: 183 (+19)

The Wizards’ Guide: 130 (+5)

Adam The Auror: 116 (+1)

Zealman Plays: 111 (not previously listed)

HPWitchesUnite: 101 (-1)

Channels overview

YouTube channels focused on Wizards Unite, who still have under 100 subscribers include: Real Phit GamerWandering WizardThe Daily ProphetXpectoGOThe Maurader’s MapSnitches & WitchesHeadGirlDeeSlytherWinAnimagusThe Daily DobbyWizard WorldMichael CraneAccio Explore, and Jenessa Black.

Other channels that do Wizards Unite content (but primarily focus on another topic) include: Lauren Fairweather, Pocemon, and The Sylph.

German channel: HerrKnüps

With Wizards Unite still unavailable, it’s not too late for YOU to start a channel!

Do you know any channels we are missing out on?

Comment below on who you think needs to be featured!

Also, check out the Discord community chat where you can talk directly to #WUtubers!

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