Harry Potter GO, Harry Potter AR game, Harry Potter mobile or simply Wizards Unite? Let’s talk names!

Wizards Unite Hub
Wizards Unite Hub

Alright, this is not a serious article on it’s own, but given the amount of confusion about the actual name of the game, I wanted to shed some light on all the different names people use to refer to Wizards Unite and to unify them in one place. We’ve heard some wild combinations, but we’re going to focus on the three main ones that are mentioned most often.

Harry Potter GO

Harry Potter GO is a colloquial name given to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite by Pokémon GO players. The “GO suffix” was added to several other AR games in the past (Draconius GO comes to mind) and aims to invoke Pokémon GO-esque vibe with the other conversation participants. Although we don’t like, Harry Potter GO is definitely the most popular alternative to calling the game Wizards Unite.


If you’re using this term, be aware that it can lead the person to believe that Wizards Unite is simply a Pokémon GO clone and to prevent them for trying it, despite it being a thoroughly different game. If you’re interested on the technicalities of which parts these games share, check out our Secrets of Niantic’s Real World Platform article that goes in painstaking details.

Fun fact: the Harry Potter GO term seemingly originated from a now infamous fan-made Youtube video from 2016. As with most things on the Internet, we can’t confirm this is true, but it’s a fun video that deserves another share.

Harry Potter AR game

Harry Potter AR game is a term most often used on reddit and other online forums to clarify that the author is referring to “that HP game developed by Niantic”. Wizards Unite is the only Potter-verse game that utilizes AR and this name is quite accurate, there if very little danger in using it. You won’t confuse anyone and it’s quite descriptive given the ample amount of AR used in the game. Just be clear to clarify that having an AR capable device is not required to play Wizards Unite.

Harry Potter mobile

Hogwarts Mystery has added new pet options which are only available with notebooks, a new currency.
Hogwarts Mystery has added new pet options which are only available with notebooks, a new currency.

Harry Potter mobile is often used to refer to Wizards Unite, but the overly generic wording is makes it very confusing to the person on the other end to understand that you’re talking about Wizards Unite. If you google “Harry Potter mobile”, you will find that most search results refer to Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, which is a terrible thing to stumble upon if you’re looking for a free-to-play experience on mobile. We even wrote a wee little article about that “experience” in Hogwarts Mystery here, you might want to check it out: The Best Hogwarts Mystery Memes: Savage Edition.

Don’t use this term, you’re confusing people and it’s probably going to get even more confusing if Portkey Games publishes more Harry Potter games on mobile. Not a wise investment!

Simply… Wizards Unite?

Look, I understand.

Saying “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite” five times in a row can sound like a chore (and it is), but that’s the only way to avoid confusion. I’m not telling you to recite it every day and at every occasion, but try to keep it official and to keep it accurate.

If you’re tired of saying the whole name, simply say Wizards Unite. It’s a bit weird, it doesn’t invoke an AR feeling and it doesn’t have world wide recognition yet, but it is the term you probably want to engrave in the back of your mind and stick with it.

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