Event Log: Triwizarding Secrets Part 1


Hello, witches and wizards!

You may not be familiar with me; I’m new here. I was brought on to the Wizards Unite Hub writing staff at the start of this new year to write Harry Potter: Wizards Unite event reviews, among other things. So here we are, fresh off the first event of the year, and the time has come for my first review. Ready? Me too. Let’s dive on in with my thoughts on the first week of the Brilliant Event: Triwizarding Secrets!


Editor’s note: These event logs will be more casual opinion pieces, so I’ve decided to allow the author’s voice to shine by not changing terms to the official Wizards Unite vocabulary. Although I did itch a little not editing “Moody Eyes” to the correct “Brilliant Mad-Eye Moody’s Eye Foundables.” 

January 12, Triwizarding Secrets

I finished the first two sets of tasks in fairly short order. I brewed my two Tonics for Trace Detection in advance and drank one right away to help get my twelve Moody Eyes. Once I had completed the first task set, I downed a Brain Elixir, visited the Brilliant Registry page, then returned every Foundable in sight. When the clock ran down on the Potions, I gulped down another of each and kept on casting ‘til the second task set was in the bag. I even got well into the third set, using five basic Exstimulo Potions in Forest Chamber I (where I’m currently grinding for a few more Department of Magical Transportation Emblems). Not only that, but I also got a good start on my fifteen Goblet of Fire Fragments and collected a Potion or two from my Cauldron before my second Baruffio’s fizzled out and I decided to call it a night. Not bad for a day’s work, eh?

January 13, Triwizarding Secrets

The Potion-brewing task finished itself overnight, as I had queued up a Cauldron full of regular Extimulos to replace what I had spent on the Knight Bus the previous evening. I even managed to snag a few more Brilliant Goblet Fragments before heading to work.

After work that evening, the fourth task set was easily handled with the use of a single Brain Elixir. As a bonus, I was able to use the DADA books from completing the fourth task set to finish Calamity Essentials I in my SOS Training, which seemed like a logical stopping point for the day.

January 14, Triwizarding Secrets

Three days in I completed the bonus tasks, and in the process achieved the secondary goal of filling the Brilliant Great Hall Registry page. Clearly the bonus tasks were not too bad this time around. In fact, I thought there was a nice synergy between some of these tasks. For example, I used six of my ten necessary Exstimulos while winning in Dark Chamber V and earning a fair amount of XP in the process.

There was one bonus task for which I went a bit off-book in terms of strategy, though. See, I never once held back from placing a Brilliant image in the Registry. I know, crazy, right? Stick with me, I’ll explain below.

January 19, Triwizarding Secrets

I like to break down Brilliant Events into three tiers of goals, as follows:

  1. Task sets 1-4. The Main Event, so to speak.
  2. Bonus tasks and completing the Registry page. Icing on the proverbial cake.
  3. Portkeys (I like seeing where they take me, even if I don’t need them to finish a Registry page) and rank.

Rank? Why is rank on the list? What does that even mean?

I’ll tell you.

See, I’m a bit of a completionist when it comes to Wizards Unite, as I suspect many of us are. When I visit the Registry page, I like to see “Rank 65*” next to my Family XP progress bar. It’s a tiny visual confirmation that yes, I am an overachiever. I don’t worry too much about needing repeat image placements, because I’m grinding Brilliant Family XP anyway. I know it’s not for everyone. It’s not even for me all the time, but it’s how I decided to play this specific event.

Not that I ever reach rank 65* in the first week of a Brilliant Event. Who has that kind of time? That said, do you know what rank I did reach before leaving for work on the morning of the nineteenth?

33. That’s right, I’m halfway there. More, really, if you consider the nine Brilliant Portkeys in my vault at this very moment.

So much for the event retrospective. I’m supposed to be giving a review of the event, right? And what’s a review without a star rating? So here it is, folks; I give the Brilliant Event Triwizarding Secrets Part 1 the rating of…

(drumroll, please)

4 out of 5 stars!

That’s right, I’m going for it. I know some of you must think I’m nuts. What about the weak storyline? The recycled tasks? Adventure Sync is still broken, for crying out loud! Yes. All of that. I hear you. That’s why it didn’t get 5 stars.

Taking all of these things into account, though, it did keep me engaged without stressing me out or stepping on the toes of real-world obligations. And you know what? With Adventure Sync down, I’m going out of my way to take walks again, instead of counting on the accelerometer to get me there by the end of my regular routine. Of course I want Adventure Sync back, but that particular lemon makes some okay lemonade.

What do you think? Was this event fun for you? Am I completely off my rocker? Do you have any personal tier-3 goals when you play Wizards Unite? What Brilliant Family XP rank did you reach this week? Let us know!

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