Event Log: January Adversary Event

Adversaries Event artwork featuring Ancient Hungarian Horntail

Hello witches and wizards! Quailfoot here, writing hot on the heels of the January Adversary Event in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, featuring the Ancient Hungarian Horntail. As of the time of this writing the event is still going on, but I have completed the task list, so I thought I’d give you my review now.

I have to say, some of the biggest problems from the first Adversary Event seem to have been addressed. A significant problem that I had seen discussed online after the December 2020 Adversaries Event was one of finding Wit-Sharpening Gifts.


As a solo player in a rural area, I haven’t heard from anyone else so far this time around, but speaking for myself, I can say that it didn’t take me too long. I’m still taking the Knight Bus to Forest Chamber I in search of one last Fragment to get a gold frame, and while I didn’t get that Fragment yet, I did get my two Wit-Sharpening Gifts after just four tries in that chamber. This was early enough that I hadn’t even defeated my 35 foes yet, so I was able to go down to Ruins Chamber II for a Spell Energy-efficient Challenge XP grind.

Another complaint reported online after December’s Adversary Event was a low Adversary spawn rate. Again, this is not an issue that I personally had encountered even then, but I certainly haven’t had that problem this month. During December’s Event I was taking down every Adversary in sight, but there have been so many of them showing up at my house now that I really don’t have the time to even attempt that approach.

The only real problem I personally had in December was that the Adversary Event ate up so many resources. This time, though, I finished the task list with about thirty hours to spare, and I still had a decent number of Potions and Ingredients left in the Vaults. What’s more, I’ll be able to use the increased spawn rate of Wit-Sharpening and Exstimulo Ingredients as well as the decreased brew time for those Potions to help get my Vaults stocked back up to the levels I like to maintain.

Of course, Potions aren’t the only resource that I expected to be drained based on the first Adversary Event; there’s also the question of Spell Energy levels. On this score I noticed marked improvement in that. Rather than completely draining my Spell Energy Vault, I was only 100 Spell Energy below capacity when I finished the task list. That said, this could still be a significant barrier to a witch or wizard who hasn’t upgraded their capacity very much.

All things considered I’d give the January Adversaries Event 3 out of 5 stars. I do appreciate the adjustments that have been made, and I understand that it’s still early days as far as Adversaries are concerned, but this one didn’t hook me quite as much as the average Brilliant Event.

What do you think? Did you have any trouble with the December Event? Was the January Event better for you? Let us know!

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