A popular pet for wizarding children, a Puffskein is a docile magical creature covered in fur. They are easy to care for, and have no objection to being cuddled or thrown about.

Registry information

Puffskein in Wizards Unite Registry
Rarity 6 out of 16
XP 0
Registry Page Forbidden Forest
Registry Family Care of Magical Creatures
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Shards to prestige


Rewards for Prestiging

15 Fragments 1 Stickers
14 Fragments 1 Stickers
21 Fragments 1 Stickers
25 Fragments 1 Stickers


Confoundable A storm Confoundable has trapped a Puffskein.
Base Win Rate 53%
Fragments rewarded 1


Puffskein is a 6 threat level Foundable in Wizards Unite. It can be found on the Care of Magical Creatures Registry page, inside the Forbidden Forest section. Puffskein is guarded by a Confoundable that can be defeated by using the Meteolojinx Recanto spell. Your base chance to win is 53%

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