Peter Pettigrew’s Wand

When he was kidnapped by Voldemort's Death Eaters, Garrick Ollivander was forced to make Peter Pettigrew a new wand, under duress. Pettigrew had lost his original while escaping after expertly framing Sirius Black for murder.

Registry information

Peter Pettigrew’s Wand in Wizards Unite Registry
Rarity 3 out of 16
XP 250
Registry Page Peter Pettigrew
Registry Family Challenges
Return To Peter Pettigrew

Shards to prestige


Rewards for Prestiging

1 Fragments 50 Stickers
2 Fragments 50 Stickers
3 Fragments 50 Stickers
4 Fragments 50 Stickers


Peter Pettigrew’s Wand is a 3 threat level Foundable in Wizards Unite. It can be found on the Challenges Registry page, inside the Peter Pettigrew section.

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