Moody’s Trunk

This unusual trunk features seven locks that open to reveal different compartments contained within. While in the possession of Barty Crouch Jr, the trunk was used to imprison Alastor Moody so that Crouch could impersonate him using Polyjuice Potion.

Registry information

Moody’s Trunk in Wizards Unite Registry
Rarity 3 out of 16
XP 250
Registry Page Barty Crouch Junior
Registry Family Challenges
Return To Alastor Moody's Office

Shards to prestige


Rewards for Prestiging

1 Fragments 50 Stickers
2 Fragments 50 Stickers
3 Fragments 50 Stickers
4 Fragments 50 Stickers


Moody’s Trunk is a 3 threat level Foundable in Wizards Unite. It can be found on the Challenges Registry page, inside the Barty Crouch Junior section.

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