Filch and Mrs. Norris

Caretaker Argus Filch and his cat Mrs. Norris can be spotted lurking the halls of Hogwarts, on the lookout for any misbehaving students and complaining about Peeves the Poltergeist. Filch happily issues write-ups for any number of transgressions.

Registry information

Filch and Mrs. Norris in Wizards Unite Registry
Rarity 1 out of 16
XP 250
Registry Page Room of Requirement I
Registry Family Legends of Hogwarts
Return To Hogwarts Great Hall

Shards to prestige


Rewards for Prestiging

1 Fragments 5 Stickers
10 Fragments 15 Stickers
30 Fragments 30 Stickers
50 Fragments 50 Stickers


Confoundable A shackle Confoundable has trapped Filch and Mrs. Norris.
Base Win Rate 45%
Fragments rewarded 1


Filch and Mrs. Norris is a 1 threat level Foundable in Wizards Unite. It can be found on the Legends of Hogwarts Registry page, inside the Room of Requirement I section. Filch and Mrs. Norris is guarded by a Confoundable that can be defeated by using the Alohomora spell. Your base chance to win is 45%

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