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New Wizards Unite Teaser is out: Riderless Nimbus 2000 Out of Control

Wizards, get your wands ready! A new teaser trailer has been posted on the official Wizards Unite social profiles, titled "Riderless Nimbus 2000 out...
Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Wizards Unite Hub reaches 6000 followers on Facebook and Twitter!

....and it happened. With no game, with a limited amount of news and an unlimited amount of enthusiasts and supporters, we've somehow managed to...
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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite release date confirmed for Summer 2019

Wizards, Pottermore, the official J.K. Rowling all-things-Harry-Potter website has confirmed that Wizards Unite will be released in 2019. Niantic has often shared that a...
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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Official Social Media Accounts have Just Updated Their Logo!

Witches and wizards around the globe, rejoice! After almost a year of silence, inactivity and complete lack of newsworthy information, Niantic and Warner Bros....
A year after Niantic and Portkey Games first announced Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, there still isn't much information.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and a Year of Silence

A year ago today, Harry Potter fans rejoiced when Niantic and Portkey Games announced the development of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. After the success...
Hogwarts Mystery has added new pet options which are only available with notebooks, a new currency.

Hogwarts Mystery Notebooks, Pets, and Holidays

A lot has happened in Hogwarts Mystery since we last published something about it. Hogwarts Mystery keeps updating the game... just not exactly with...

Niantic showcases the capabilities of their AR technology platform

Niantic representatives recently held an special AR oriented presentation at GeekWire's Summit event, titled "Pokémon Go, Harry Potter and the Future of AR". Presented...
Wizards Unite Discord Server

We are Launching Our Wizards Unite Discord Server!

Wizards and Witches, attention! The Hub is launching our very own Wizards Unite Discord server! You can join the server by visiting this link: and...
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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite “Coming Soon” Says Niantic VP of Marketing

A week ago, Bill Kildav did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on reddit about his work with Google. Kildav is Niantic's VP of Marketing...

Year 5 has come to Hogwarts Mystery!

In a surprise move, Jam City released year 5 of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery a day earlier than the updates normally come. Those of...



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