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Why NOT to Use Self-Correcting Quills: An Update on Cheating and Consequences

Niantic is here to let you know that using any spells or charms to make your in-game avatar Apparate half-way across the world is strictly forbidden. Released on Niantic’s main website less than a week ago, an update regarding cheating and keeping the games fair is an ardent reminder that they are continuing to prevent all manners of cheating in their games. Here are the bullet points from the update:

As a part of our ongoing commitment to keeping our games fun and promoting fair gameplay, we’d like to share an update on some of our recent efforts to stop and prevent cheating in our games:

  • We’ll be expanding the Three Strikes Discipline Policy from Pokémon GO to our other games to ensure a fun and fair gameplay experience. This includes the recently launched Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.
  • We’ve improved detection of rooted and jailbroken devices to curb bad actors from sideloading cheating apps or modified versions of our apps. As a reminder, our games will fail to run on devices that have compromised root access.
  • We’ve identified and initiated action against more than 500K accounts who were found to be using cheating apps in Pokémon GO and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.
  • We banned 22K Ingress accounts that were found to be supporting and participating in the illicit trade of in-game items.

—The Niantic team

The “three strikes policy” is quite simple. Anyone caught in the act of breaking the Terms of Service will end up facing a temporary suspension [one week or one month] and may even face a permanent suspension. This policy is now being implemented in Wizards Unite and Ingress. It’s unsure of how many accounts in Pokémon GO and Wizards Unite were fully banned instead of just having action initiated against them, but Niantic seems satisfied with the released message, especially with the amount of people banned in Ingress. Anyone caught breaking the TOS will be facing Howlers suspension.

The most well known example of breaking the ToS would be the month long suspension of Brandon Tan, arguably the most hardcore Pokémon GO player to date, who was temporarily suspended for offering a Mewtwo farming service. While there has not been such a high profile case in Wizards Unite or Ingress, Niantic certainly made their point when they suspended the account of a widely known player. High popularity is not a safeguard against breaking the ToS.

Do not use any software, programs, or applications that you believe will allow you to get ahead in the game. This includes the use of multiple phones. Basically, the rule is one person, one phone. NOT one person, six phones, and a tablet case. Spoofing or playing with multiple accounts will only result in suspension of your account in any of the above games.

There are better ways to get ahead in Wizards Unite, like participating in Brilliant Events or attending the Wizards Unite Fan Festival! You can also join our Discord to discuss advanced tips with other witches and wizards from around the world.

Wizards Unite Fan Festival Details and Activations REVEALED

The first ever Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Fan Festival is just a couple weeks away! I’m gonna need a moment to process. This is coming up so quick… I might need to go do some deep breathing…

Pardon me. The hype was too WAY real there for a second.

Luckily Niantic has posted an update on the event! In a blog post HERE this Thursday morning on the Wizards Unite Website, we were given brand new details on Dragon Encounters, sponsored activities, and festival attractions!

Dragons CONFIRMED at the Park

Dragons are the big feature they are highlighting for the event and we have confirmation of FOUR different dragons! The infographic posted shows a Common Welsh Green, Antipodean Opaleye, Peruvian Vipertooth, and the Chinese Fireball.

The banner featuring the Indianapolis skyline also has two dragons. While they are not labeled, it looks like one is the Peruvian Vipertooth, and the other holds a striking resemblance to a Chinese Fireball.

One could argue that the small dragon in the upper right might be the Hungarian Horntail, with the striking red flecked wings. However, I think the Fireball is a safer bet, as the signature morningstar tip that nearly snuffed out the light that is Harry like FIVE times in the first task of the Triwizard Tournament, is hidden from view.

Mind you, this is as an observation from an Auror in Alaska with minimal contact with dragons other than basic training. So I will be MORE than happy to see a Horntail at WizU Fan Fest!

Witches and wizards in the park will have an opportunity to catch ALL the dragons (notice how they are once again ambiguous about the number) and then after the event, the dragons will be regional exclusives! I just really hope Alaska and my Northern Territory brethren won’t be left out of the regional fun as they were with the first (ahem… and second…) rounds of regionals in Pokémon GO!

At the Wizards Unite panel in San Diego, they ALSO teased new dragon-related characters! My hope is we finally spot Rita Skeeter sporting her dragon-themed outfit from the fourth film. ICONIC. 

No matter what, dragons are going to be a major feature for players and I’m VERY excited to get some fantastic AR photos with a Common Welsh!

Threat Clock and Fan Festival Special Assignments

The Wizards Unite team is fulfilling ALL of our hopes and dreams with a REAL LIFE THREAT CLOCK. I remember seeing the threat clock for the first time and thinking it was the coolest thing EVER and being so excited to see what they would do with it.

It sounds like some events will trigger the threat clock to move into different sections within the park. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them use this to announce the arrival of the dragons or the completion of certain tasks. It also sounds like they will be using it to announce higher concentrations of high threats within the park.

There will also be certain tasks we must complete at the event, much like at Pokémon GO Fest. They haven’t let us know what exactly those tasks will be, but I’m hoping they include the Dragon-related characters we were promised at SDCC!

Fully Immersive!

The Threat Clock is mentioned once again, so my guess is they are just as excited about this as we #WUtubers are! It’s part of their immersive experience for this event and I’m looking forward to the rest of the features!

Themed lounges will be sprinkled through the park, offering much-needed shelter from the elements and ports to charge your phone while you engage in some potions and ingredients trivia. Looks like I need to go and hit the books to study!

There are several pictures of their concepts for the lounges that will be in the park. Dibs on that couch… you know which one… dibs.

They also mention there will be lots of Wizarding World Artefacts scattered through the park along with Dragon Eggs and Acromantula Eggs! So make sure you keep your eye on Instagram as we all snap photo after photo with our favorite Wizarding World artifacts!

Landmark flags will be through the park as well, helping us all find the Foundables we need to prestige our pages and get those amazing Instagram photos!

Rather than attractions, Niantic is using the word “Activations” since many of these will only be visible to you for the day you’ve purchased your tickets. So if you haven’t got your ticket, make sure to go snag them now!

(PSST… also, snag a power bank from Amazon because you know you’re gonna need it)

Partner (Activations) with AT&T and Simon!

AT&T and Simon have been partners for sponsored Inns and Fortresses since the beginning for the game, and they are coming through for WizU Fan Fest!

While normally we would call these “attractions” or “features” or “activities,” Niantic is calling them “Activations” which may mean we need to use our pass to participate in the “Activations” sprinkled through the park

AT&T has quite a few exclusive offers and an inflatable Niffler for a photo op. If it’s the kind of inflatable that I’m thinking of, it’s the kind that is HUGE and about the size of a bouncy castle. That’s more terrifying than the Niffler I battled back in February!

They’ve also teased exclusive activities with AT&T at their tent. Definitely won’t be a miss!

Simon will also be there with vouchers for $10 gift cards at the Simon Malls in Indianapolis and a drawing for a $10,000 shopping spree! 

Global Activities Teased

As with Pokémon GO Fest, Niantic is teasing Global activities for those who cannot attend WizU Fan Fest. They haven’t given us any details on what they will be, but given Niantic’s experience with giving global players the immersive experience they crave without even being in the park, I have high hopes that these tasks and activities will be on par!

This blog update has cranked up my hype-o-meter to over nine-thousand and I can’t wait to see you all in Indianapolis on August 31st! 

Matt from Animagus has already done a video wrap up for this that you should check out!

Make sure to follow me over on Instagram and Twitter so you can watch my misadventures traveling from Alaska to Indy, meeting my fellow #WUtubers for the first time, and attempting to catch all of these amazing activations in the park! I’m gonna need so much coffee.

There better be a coffee truck at the park with the fleet of food trucks.

If you need gear before the festival, check out the Snitches & Witches shop.

Not sure what to pack for the weekend? We’ve put together a handy packing list!


Profession Resources: Desperate for Spell Books

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite shares a lot in common with other major geo-location/augmented reality mobile games like Ingress, Pokémon GO, The Walking Dead, and Jurassic World Alive. For example, in all of these games, players have a player level, and moving through the levels provide various in-game benefits. (Plus bragging rights).

However, Wizards Unite is unique with its inclusion of wizarding professions. A player’s choice of profession, as well as a player’s profession level, is the source of power in Wizarding Challenges.

Wizards Unite is still a young game–it hasn’t even been two months since its global release. Hopefully there will be another game aspect affected by profession, something beyond Wizarding Challenges.

In the article, How to Maximize Challenge XP and Spell Books, I outlined the resources needed for each profession. This article aims to analyze how soon global launch players can complete their first profession lesson book.

TL;DR: Wizard Unite needs to fix two things:

  1. Spell Books, because they require an unreasonable amount of work, and
  2. How Magizoologists (and Aurors, somewhat) need 310% more Challenge XP than Professors.

Spell Books, Scrolls, and Restricted Section Books

In order to level up your profession and buff up your stats, you need three resources:

  • Spell Books from Challenge XP Treasure Trunks (Wizarding Challenges)
  • Scrolls from Family XP Treasure Trunks (mostly from Traces)
  • Restricted Section Books from quests during Brilliant events

Resources to Complete the First Profession Skill Tree

Professions Spell Books Scrolls Restricted Spell Books
Aurors 430 2,352 115
Magizoologists 465 2,495 115
Professors 320 2,325 223

Restricted Section Books (RSBs)

Restricted Section Books, aka RSBs or green books, are the easiest to track. The only way to get RSBs is from the event tasks during Brilliant Events, and each event gives a maximum of 15 RSBs. If a player completed the past 3 Brilliant events (4 event tasks each), then they would have 45 RSBs.

The pattern thus far is one Brilliant event every two weeks. Four out of the five, excluding the first Brilliant event, have started on a Tuesday (Pacific Time). Here is a list of the previous and future Brilliant events:

  • July 3rd – 10th: Flora & Fauna
  • July 16th – 23rd: Potter’s Calamity, Part 1
  • July 30th – August 6th: Potter’s Calamity, Part 2
  • August 13th – August 20th: Back to Hogwarts, Part 1
  • August 27th – September 3rd: Back to Hogwarts, Part 2
Professions Restricted Section Books
Date to Earn Enough RSBs to Complete* Time since Global Launch
Aurors 115 October 8th 110 days
Magizoologists 115 October 8th 110 days
Professors 223 January 14th 208 days

* If the pattern continues and 15 RSBs are still given out for each Brilliant event.

After the first 5 announced Brilliant events, players can get a maximum of 75 RSBs. Aurors and Magizoologists need another 40, which is 3 more Brilliant events, and Professors need another 148 RSBs, which is another 10 Brilliant events. Each of the professions do not desperately need all of their lessons that require RSBs, especially Professors. For example, Professors have 3 lessons that require 15 RSBs each, but their benefits are situational, only useful when grouping with specific Professors who cast 2 or 3 team enhancements or Foe impairments.

If the pattern continues, the next Brilliant events start on September 10th, September 24th, October 8th, October 22nd, November 5th, November 19th, December 3rd, December 17th, December 31st, and January 14th.


Players get Scrolls from completing Exploration ranks, 4 from daily assignments, and occasionally from daily login, daily treasure, and accomplishments. New Brilliant events bring in a lot of quick Scrolls, though mostly from Part 1. Each Brilliant rank gives 5 Scrolls instead of the typical 4 and it is fairly easy to get to rank 10, which amounts to 50 Scrolls. Unfortunately, the past two Brilliant events have had two parts, each share the same Registry page, so it is much slower ranking up during Part 2.

  • If a player brewed and used a potion daily, they would get 4 Scrolls daily
    • Rate: 120 monthly
    • From June 20th to August 13th, that is 212 Scrolls
  • If a player did all of the 5 Brilliant events and got to rank 10, they would have 250 Scrolls and get maybe 75 Scrolls monthly (if Wizards Unite keeps doing two part events).
  • Exploration pages give 2 Scrolls to rank 8, then 4 Scrolls for each rank past 8. There are 10 Exploration pages. If a player gets all 10 to rank 10, then they would earn 240 Scrolls ((8 ranks * 2 Scrolls + 2 ranks * 4 Scrolls) * 10)
    • Going from rank 10 to 20 in all 10 categories gives 400 Scrolls (4 * 10 ranks * 10 categories)
    • After around rank 25-30 (depending on how much a player does Fortress battles), family XP doesn’t come easily, because the easy page is Gold and gives minimal family XP.
  • Professors require the fewest Scrolls while Magizoologists require the most Scrolls, which gives a range in time needed to complete their lesson books.
Professions Scrolls Example 1
Daily Play
Example 2
Medium Play
Aurors 2,352 end of December early November
Magizoologists 2,495 mid-January mid-November
Professors 2,325 end of December early November

Factors that influence a player’s Scrolls: Daily assignments, number of Fortress battles, number of Foundables, prestiged Exploration pages, number of Portkeys opened, and Brilliant Foundable grinding.

Example 1 (Daily Play): Basic play means that the player plays maybe an hour a day, gets their 4 daily Scrolls, get their Exploration categories to rank 20, and finishes each Brilliant event (rank 10).

  • Time since global launch: 190 to 210 days

Example 2 (Medium Play): Medium play means that the player plays a few hours each day, gets their 4 daily Scrolls, gets their Exploration categories to rank to high-20s, and plays a bit more during the Brilliant events (rank 15). This is modeled after my own play.

  • Time since global launch: 133 to 152 days

Hardcore players would be finished sooner, of course, maybe September or October.

Spell Books

Spell Books, aka red books, are only earned from Challenge XP in Wizarding Challenges. While Foundable traces are everywhere, Fortresses are specific buildings that take more effort to use often. It’s much easier to open the game and return some Foundables than visiting a fortress and battling for a few minutes or a few hours. Also, players get bonuses from sponsored Fortresses and playing with friends, which takes a lot more effort and coordination.

Players complain that Spell Books are the limiting resource for professions for five major reasons:

  1. Only 2 Spell Books are earned from each Challenge rank compared to 4 or 5 Scrolls.
  2. Increasing your rank is difficult.
    1. Exploration XP requirement stops changing at rank 11 (100 family XP).
    2. Challenge XP requirement stops changing at rank 150 (3,770 CXP), much higher than the Exploration XP requirement.
    3. The challenge XP requirement goes up after every rank making it harder to earn after each new rank.
  3. Spell Books are not daily assignment rewards like Scrolls.
  4. Special events do not help much:
    1. Brilliant events do not give out extra Spell Books.
    2. Community Day success hinges on high-level Runestones and 5-player teams).
  5. High-level Runestones are hard to come by and easily got used up during August’s Community Days.
Profession Spell Books Challenge XP
to Max*
Challenge XP compared to Professors
Auror 430 675,165 259% more
Magizoologist 465 807,115 310% more
Professor 320 260,465

*All professions will probably need to reach rank 150 for 300 Spell Books unless some new way to earn Spell Books comes out. This value assumes 20 Spell Books from accomplishments and daily treasure awards.

How do Aurors and Magizoologists need 259-310% more challenge XP than Professors?

The challenge XP needed to reach rank 150 (max rank) is 260,465. All of the extra Spell Books past 300 from the Challenge ranks require 3,770 challenge XP per rank. That single amount (3,770) is more than rank 1-20, which gives 40 Spell Books. The slow semi-linear increase of challenge XP needed per level until rank 150 really amounts to a supremely high maximum. Imagine getting 2 Spell Books from 20 challenge XP for rank 1 then imagine getting 2 Spell Books from 3,770 challenge XP after rank 150.

It is too hard to speculate how long it will take to acquire all of those Spell Books. Players have to make time for Wizarding Challenges. They also have to gather enough Spell Energy, collect Runestones from leveling up Exploration ranks (or buy level 1 Runestones in Diagon Alley), battle with friends to get more challenge XP, and battle in sponsored Fortresses for 25% more base chamber challenge XP. The last two are very optional, plus many do not have sponsored Fortresses (let alone Fortresses with Inns in range) or friends to battle with consistently.

Personally, I have done 560 Wizarding Challenges, most of which were using level 1 Runestones in Ruins I before wizard XP was nerfed. I am on rank 44 on the Challenges Registry. I earned 102 Spell Books: 86 from ranking up and 16 from accomplishments and daily treasure rewards. It takes 900 challenge XP to get 2 more Spell Books then it keeps going up by 20 for awhile. The 20,000 challenge XP I earned is 3% of the total challenge XP needed for an Auror to get 430 Spell Books.

Did the August Community Day help? I earned around 20 Spell Books from the August Community Day by doing around 25 Tower IV runs with 3 Friends using level 4-5 Runestones (used up all of my level 5 Runestones). If September’s Community Day is identical to August, that will help earn Spell Books faster, but then all of my level 4 Runestones will be gone.

The Spell Book Problem

At my current rate (3% of the total needed in 53 days including 3 hours of Community Day bonuses), I will get 430 Spell Books for an Auror in 5 years. If I was a Professor, I would get 320 Spell Books in 1 year and 11 months (23 months). If I was a Magizoologist, I would get 465 Spell Books in 6 years.

Here are some other factors that will change those values (+ = helps get Spell Books faster, – = slows down getting Spell Books):

  • + Daily treasure rewards (August, day 21 gives 3 Spell Books)
  • + 50 possible Spell Books from achievements (Note: the third part is hard to complete)
    • Cast strategic spells for 3/7/15 Spell Books (15 SB: 3,000 Strategic Spells might take awhile unless you spam 0 focus spells for awhile)
    • Defeat Elite Foes for 3/7/15 Spell Books  (15 SB: 1,000 Elite Foes will take “forever”)
  • – It’s harder to get Runestones after prestiging Exploration pages to Gold.
  • + It’s easier to get higher-level Runestones after Exploration rank 11.
  • – Runestones take awhile to obtain, but take less than 10 minutes to use.
  • + As you increase your Profession Grade and team up with friends, higher chambers are easier and challenge XP comes easier.

Conclusion and Spell Book Solutions

A player’s professions is the fundamental RPG (Role Playing Game) component in Wizards Unite. Powering up one’s profession is dependent upon three resources: Restricted Section Books, Scrolls, and Spell Books.

Here is a chart to summarize the rough time it will take to earn enough resources to max a profession’s first lesson book. This information is speculative and varies based on what the future holds, but it should act as a guide to see what really matters.

Profession Restricted Section Books Scrolls Spell Books
Auror 110 days
October 8th
138 – 195 days* Years
Magizoologist 110 days
October 8th
152 – 210 days* Years+
Professor 208 days
January 14th
133 -190 days* Years

*Varies by a lot; it is dependent on time played and opportunities taken to get Scrolls. Hardcore players will reach this sooner than the lowest value.

Restricted Section Books (RSBs) will take 110 days for Aurors & Magizoologists and 208 days for Professors to get enough for their first lesson book if Wizards Unite stays the course: A new Brilliant event every two weeks and 15 RSBs as the reward. Brilliant events are not difficult to complete, some can complete it in an hour or two.

Scrolls will take a daily player roughly 200 days (over 6 months, December).

Spell Books: Since Spell Books are painfully difficult and annoying to get, there is no doubt that Wizards Unite needs to create more ways to get them. Also, the disparity between Professors and Magizoologists & Aurors is gigantic. 310% and 259% more challenge XP is not balanced at all. Any player would wait 3 more months to get RSBs than grind triple the amount of challenge XP as the other professions. That’s probably more than a few hundred hours battling at a Fortress.

Some suggestions to help players get more Spell Books:

  1. Add Spell Books to the daily assignments
  2. Release level 6-10 Runestones (mentioned in the game data)
  3. Reduce the challenge XP required to complete a rank
  4. Change the rank that challenge XP needed caps at from 150 to something much lower like 100
  5. Add another way to get Spell Books like the equivalent to Pokémon GO raids (the Registry has some future features in the Challenges tab)

Expect to see hardcore Aurors and Magizoologists have enough RSBs and Scrolls in October, and Professors in mid-January. As for Spell Books… pray that Wizards Unite changes something soon.

Off-Topic: In terms of wizard XP, players who are level 40 are 16% of the way – on track for level 60 around late June 2020. I am level 34 and I’m 8% of the way to level 60 – on track for level 60 around June 2021.

August Community Day Review

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite had its second Community Day on Saturday, August 10, 2019. It was focused around the Fortresses, rather than the Foundables. Wizarding Challenge rewards were increased, a bonus greatly appreciated by the magical community.

The free perks such as the free Runestones, Spell Energy, and Silver Keys were a great deal, which I’ll elaborate on further in this post.

I honestly feel like Niantic did a great deal in improving the Community Day experience compared to the previous one. This event was primarily focused on the dueling aspect of the game.

We all love the Community Days, don’t we? Such a great opportunity for the player base to gather and have a lot of fun, TOGETHER. For some of us it turned out to be a great, with boosted Challenge XP and a lot of Fortress battles, but for others, it wasn’t so great.

This Community Day had both positives and negatives. However, it was better than the first Community Day since the positives balanced out the negatives.

Read my previous Community Day review for a comparison.

Want to see a video recap? Our editor-in-chief put together a brief video of her Community Day experiences.

Community Day Positives

The game’s Community Day free store pack was the first positive. There were three free Hogwarts School Runestones, one each of levels 1 to 3, as well as the 50 free Spell Energy and 3 Silver Keys.

  • The Inns were giving out boosted amounts of energy. Given the game being super energy intensive, the ease of refilling helped. The players were actually capable of sustaining and playing the game for the whole 3-hour stretch. Almost all Inns were filled with high-energy dishes. They almost guaranteed you with 6 or more Spell Energy, which is double the usual amount you receive per visit.
  • The boosts for defeating sponsored Fortresses also helped, as the player base in cities could rally up and enjoy the perks easily.
  • The event helped the growing community to develop a better bond and actually got us playing the game in group, which is a huge improvement when compared to the previous one.
  • The event’s emphasis was on fortresses and dueling, which was evident in the following ways.
  • The Player XP and Challenge XP gains were boosted, especially when you were playing in groups.
  • Using a Healing Potion in a Wizarding Challenge gave players 50% more of their current Health. So it made each player a bit more tankier, hence needing  lesser revives, thereby improving the overall game play .
  • Frequent spawning of Ingredients used to brew Healing potions appear on the Map as well as reducing brew time by 50% were nice Quality of Life improvements for Community Day.
  • Master Notes for Healing Potions reducing the brew time by 50% and Potions brewed using a Rental Cauldron having their brew times reduced by 33% were the icing on the cake.

It can be said that Niantic and Portkey Games have safely implemented the Community Day factor from Pokémon GO in this attempt. The boosted XP and better item drop rate shave certainly got the crowd gathered. Let’s hope that Niantic and Portkey Games can continue to improve with each passing Community Day.

Community Day Negatives

There were quite a few issues with the game play, but compared to the previous edition, these problems were far fewer.

  • The main issue with the game, was the constant bugging out of fortresses.
    • At times, you just couldn’t enter the lobby, even if you were standing right under it.
    • Bugging out of the lobby after defeating an Foe. Here you would enter the lobby, pledge a Runestone, and then enter the battle. Things goes smoothly until you defeat the first Foe. Then, wham, you are kicked out of the battle and asked to reload the game. And when you reload it, there is no way to re-enter the battle and this causes you to loses the Runestone, Potions, and Spell Energy. (This happened to me a few times, and I lost all my Brilliant Event Runestones.)
    • The lag in loading up the Foes in a particular level was a widespread issue.
  • Over spawning of the common Foundables. Yes, we were surrounded by a sea of Foundables, but most of them were the really common ones. We had to go through an endless clicking routine to find out something of worth, just like the last time. A thing that would definitely be appreciable would be an increased spawn rate for the high rarity Foundables and decreasing the rate for the low ones during the event. This would be more or less like the shiny spawn mechanism in Pokémon GO Community Days. It would also encourage more players to participate.
  • As appreciated as the group play initiatives were, Wizards Unite still doesn’t have the player base that Pokémon GO has. So in a lot of places, there were a complete lack of groups, and these solo players felt left out of the event. A better Community Day would have benefits that appeal to both solo players and groups.
  • Aside from bonus XP, there weren’t any extra rewards for defeating a Fortress chamber. Increasing the drop rate of rare Foundable fragments or having a Community Day exclusive reward would improve the event.
  • The Bugs. Everything from the broken Dark Detectors, which barely load up anything, to the ever present lag, annoyed Wizards Unite gamers.
    • A lot of ghost spawns (where you click on the spawn and it says network error or something because the spawn isn’t actually there) didn’t help!
    • The lag with the animations and all the spawns. The former was too long and for the latter, as after every departure/return, you go back to the over world, and it takes awhile to load everything. This happening at every instance of you going into an Inn, or Greenhouse, or a encounter Foundable was a bit too time consuming and boring.
  • There were issues with the overall timing of the event as a whole. Using just standard time intervals (one for Asia-Pacific; one for Europe, Middle East, Africa, and India; and one for Americas and Greenland) instead of Pokémon GO’s trend of using the local time, aggravated a lot of players.

Public Response to Community Day

The player community on DISCORD & REDDIT had mixed feelings about the event. As each of the three regional Community Days ended, opinions flooded the dedicated subreddits and Discord chats.

Many were able to unlock the higher levels of Fortresses such as the Dark Chambers, thanks to the collective effort!

The added boosts for group play, with the added multipliers, helped people grind a lot of XP. Using the Baruffio’s Brain Elixir, the XP gains skyrocketed, and also helped many players achieve multiple level-ups during the 3-hour window. Players in areas with a strong gaming community thought this Community Day was great.

However, solo players, rural players, and players in areas without a strong player base felt this event excluded them. They couldn’t maximize the XP bonuses without having a group for Fortress Challenges.

General Event Insights

The Community Day event provided us a lot of general insights and showed us the way forward for the future ones. The most valuables ones are:

  • Start each Community Day with full Spell Energy.
  • Play as a team of at least 3 so that you can cover all the professions. The more the merrier, right? Make sure to use the best attackers, and always use the hexes. Use Potions to put your best foot forward. Get a group together and practice Fortress battles before the next Community Day!
  • Play with an active Baruffio’s Brain Elixir throughout the whole event.
  • Try to play in Sponsored locations, and optimize the Spell Energy usage. Always try to stock up as much Spell Energy as you can from the Inns.Never play with less than half your total spell energy , and try to fill up asap.
  • Use the free Spell Energy only when you need it, not at the beginning of the event.
  • Choose your Runestones wisely. Never choose high-level ones if you are in a high-level chamber for the first time. Always remember not to make it too difficult for your team.
  • Stock up your Potions inventory in the following pattern (inventory size: 50)
      1. 15-20 Exstimulo Potions (Strong, Potent)
      2. 10-15 Healing Potions
      3. 15-20 Invigoration Draughts(Strong) & Wit Sharpening Potions
      4. Fill the rest of the spaces as per your profession’s requirements


The second Community Day was better than the first one by leaps and bounds. This time around Community Day lived up to the high standards set by its more famous cousin. This time around, the focus was on the right element for group play, i.e. the Fortresses. Hopefully next time we could get something that could step up the game for solo play too.

Let’s hope that Niantic and Portkey Games continue to improve the game and make it the best augmented-reality game in town!

Hope everyone had a fun event!

Wishing you all the best for the upcoming Brilliant Events.

Please do let me know how your Community Day went by posting your opinions in the comment section!

Wizards Unite Fan Festival Packing Checklist

The first-ever Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Fan Festival is just around the corner! The countdown is officially on: less than three weeks to go!

Need help planning your trip? The Hub has you covered!

Quite a few WUtubers (including me!) will be at the Fan Festival on Saturday, all with early access tickets. Meet-up details coming soon!

If you’re anything like me, you’re already planning what to pack for the Fan Festival. Don’t worry, I’ve put together a handy checklist for you!

Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you click on one and make a purchase, I might earn a commission at no cost to you. 

What to Pack for the Wizards Unite Fan Festival

I’ve divided this packing checklist into categories. If Wizards Unite is your first foray into geo-location games, or if the Fan Festival will be your first day-long outdoor walking event, you might need to buy a few things in advance. Otherwise, you should have most of the things on this list already!

Phone Accessories

Three phone accessories are an absolute must:

  • Power banks (external batteries)
  • Charging cables
  • Phone case

However, depending on your phone type and your game play preferences, you also might consider two optional phone accessories:

  • Phone stylus
  • Pop socket

If you need to buy any of these phone accessories before WizFest (are we going with that nickname?), check out these options.

Festival Gear

Even if you don’t get early access to WizFest, it’s going to be a long day. To get through the day safely and comfortably, you’ll at least need the following:

  • bag
  • water
  • sunscreen (not aerosol)
  • hat
  • supportive shoes

A regular backpack for the event is fine. It doesn’t need to be clear. However, a framed backpack is prohibited.

An empty reusable water bottle or water pack is fine. SEALED store-bought water bottles are also fine. Alcohol is prohibited, so these rules keep people from sneaking in alcohol. There will be places in the park to refill water bottles.

If you need a new water bottle, Zazzle has multiple creative Harry Potter designs, all officially-licensed. Get 20% off during the month of August with code WARNERBROS20

It should be hot and sunny in Indianapolis over Labor Day weekend. Keep your skin safe by wearing sunscreen and a hat.

WizFest will be a long day of walking and standing, so supportive footwear is a must. A good pair of walking shoes, possibly with a supportive gel insole, should suffice.

If you really want to support your feet and your entire body, I recommend Wiiv custom footwear. They sent me a pair of custom sandals to review, and I’m obsessed. I even purchased custom insoles for my husband and me–it’s like walking on a cloud!

Wiivv Sandals

In addition to these festival necessities, I also recommend bringing:

  • snacks
  • bug spray (not aerosol)
  • picnic blanket

There will be food available for sale at the event, but a few granola bars, some veggie sticks, and some trail mix will help you save money while eating healthily.

Bug spray is helpful if you tend to get eaten alive in outdoor areas.

A picnic blanket or a towel gives you the flexibility of sitting down and taking a break anywhere in the park. It also provides a clean surface for eating.

Go Shiny Hunter has three awesome beach towels for sale in his store, each featuring a different custom design inspired by the Wizards Unite professions.

Wizards Unite Clothing & Merch

While you’re probably not agonizing over which pink t-shirt to wear on Saturday, you might be wondering if it’s too late to find the perfect wizarding attire. As of now, there’s not any officially-licensed Wizards Unite clothing for sale.

However, there’s tons of officially-licensed clothing from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Plus several WUtubers have created their own merch lines inspired by the game (all carefully and beautifully done to avoid any trademark infringement).

Official Harry Potter Clothing

These recommendations will be a little US-centric, I’m afraid. As an American myself, I know American retailers better than international retailers.

If you want to shop at an actual physical store, Target, Wal-mart, Kohl’s, and Hot Topic (believe it or not) all carry a wide selection of official Harry Potter merchandise. They also have magical clothing and accessories from the Fantastic Beasts films.

For shopping online, Zazzle has a wide selection of official Harry Potter merchandise.

Go Shiny Hunter Designs

Go Shiny Hunter has three designs inspired by the three professions. These are available on a variety of apparel. He even created pink Professor t-shirts just for me to order! I’ll update this with a review once my shirt comes in.

Animagus Logo Tee

I’ve also ordered a pink t-shirt from Animagus, another of the WUtubers. This is a simple logo design, perfect for anyone who likes a subtle look.

Need a custom wand? Animagus also has an Etsy shop!

Snitches & Witches Designs

Snitches & Witches offers a variety of fun designs and merchandise options in her online shop. Join the WUTuberNati or wear a Snitches & Witches logo ensemble. Lots of options for any fan!

WizardPhD Professor Gear

I already received my pink Professor tee from WizardPhD! I’m wearing it in the video below. I ordered the Large Bolt Logo Standard Shirt in a Women’s Medium. Lynette is also wearing a Women’s Medium in the photo at the top of this article.

You can also get a PopSocket!

Wizard Tricks Logo Tee

Wizard Tricks wore this awesome t-shirt at the exclusive launch event in LA, and he looked sharp! Scroll to the top of this article to get a look! Get your own Wizard Tricks tee from his online store.

XpectoGO Designs

James and Sue of XpectoGO just launched their own merch! Grab a t-shirt, hoodie, or sticker with one of two designs.

Witches Unite Designs

Last, but not least, my own designs! I’ll be adding more options every week, just in case you want a Witches Unite t-shirt that’s NOT pink.

Note: Please check the shipping times on all of these stores. Some of these magical merch items are made-to-order, so they might take awhile to ship. If you’re looking for a new Harry Potter t-shirt that’s guaranteed to arrive before WizFest, you’re best off ordering from a large chain store or shopping at a store in person.

I hope this packing list helps you prepare for WizFest! What would you add to my list? Comment below!

Brilliant Event Guide: Back to Hogwarts Week 1

Thank you again zviznemte from Discord for helping with this article. Your insights were invaluable as always.

The fourth Brilliant Event starts in a couple of days. This article will help you be prepared and jump start your event.

Like Potter’s Calamity, The Back to Hogwarts Brilliant Event spans two separate weeks. This guide focuses on the first week, August 13th to August 20th.

If you’re avoiding spoilers, check out this Back to Hogwarts Brilliant Events article for more general information about the new event.

Back to Hogwarts Brilliant Event, Week 1
August 13th to 20th
Start Time: 2pm PT (Pacific Time)
Major Benefits
15 Restricted Section Books
Lots of Scrolls from a new Registry category

Our editor-in-chief has a video covering the first week of the Back to Hogwarts Brilliant Event, along with advice on how to complete all the tasks. Or skip below to read about the event!

Brilliant Event Tasks

The notable differences from the last Brilliant Event tasks are the lack of brewing Potions and 4 unique Brilliant Foundable Traces (one per task). Instead of brewing Potions, Event Task 3/4 requires a player to use 6 potions.

Event Task 4/4 adds the task of returning 5 High threat Foundables. Assuming the four Brilliant student Foundables have a Medium thread, it might take longer to find 5 High threats to finish out the tasks.

From the game data, the four Brilliant student Foundables have a win rate of 25% (catch rate), which is consistent with Medium threats. Plus Brilliant Hedwig was a Medium threat whereas its non-Brilliant form was a Low threat, so it’s likely the four Brilliant students will be Medium threats.

This might be the first Brilliant Event without a High threat Foundable, which will be a relief to many players who struggle with their low 10% win rate.

Event Task 1/4

Recover 2 Brilliant Slytherin Students 10 Brilliant Family XP
Pick Up 2 Ingredients or Portmanteaus 10 Brilliant Family XP
Return 3 Foundables of any Family 10 Brilliant Family XP


  • 500 XP
  • 10 Brilliant Family XP
  • 1 Restricted Section Book
  • 1 Hogwarts Express Sign Sticker (for your Portrait)

Event Task 2/4

Recover 2 Brilliant Hufflepuff Students 300 XP
Unlock 3 Portkey Portmanteaus 15 Brilliant Family XP
Dine at Inns 5 times 15 Brilliant Family XP


  • 15 Brilliant Family XP
  • 2 Potent Exstimulo Potions
  • 2 Restricted Section Books
  • 1 Hogwarts Express Frame (for your Portrait)
  • 1 Hogwarts Express Conductor Fragment (Foundable for the Registry page)

Event Task 3/4

Recover 2 Brilliant Ravenclaw Students 500 XP
Use 6 potions 500 XP
Perform 5 Great Spell Casts 15 Brilliant Family XP


  • 25 Brilliant Family XP
  • 3 Restricted Section Books
  • 1 Luggage Trolley Sticker (for your Portrait)

Event Task 4/4

Recover 2 Brilliant Gryffindor Students 15 Brilliant Family XP
Return 5 High Threat Foundables 750 XP
Complete 4 Wizarding Challenges 15 Brilliant Family XP


  • 9 Restricted Section Books
  • 1 Hogwarts Express Fragment (Foundable for the Registry page)
  • 50 Gold
  • 1 Hogwarts Conductor Uniform Lens (for your Portrait)

Event Foundables and Where to Find Them

Not every Foundable you will collect for the Back to Hogwarts event is available on the Map. Only 4 out of 8 are Foundable Traces while the rest are available from Portkeys, Fortress Challenges, and Event Tasks.

Event Foundable Collection
Brilliant Slytherin StudentBrilliant Slytherin Student Wild Encounter
Brilliant Hufflepuff StudentBrilliant Hufflepuff Student Wild Encounter
Brilliant Ravenclaw StudentBrilliant Ravenclaw Student Wild Encounter
Brilliant Ravenclaw StudentBrilliant Ravenclaw Student Wild Encounter
Hogwarts Express Conductor
Complete Event Task 2/4
Hogwarts Express Complete Event Task 4/4
Luggage Trolley Brilliant Event 3km Portkey
Luggage Trolley Witch Fortress-Only Reward using a Back to Hogwarts Brilliant Runestone


New 3km Portkeys

The Luggage Trolley fragment is a reward from new 3km Portkeys, which teleport the player to Hogwarts Express. This reduction in distance comes at a relief to players who do not walk daily or who do not want to use Silver Keys.

Players should pick up a few of these 3km Portkeys before the end of Part 1, because Part 2 also has its own Portkey-only Foundable, the Hogsmeade Sign.

If a player fails to complete the Luggage Trolley sticker, the only benefit lost is 50 Family XP.

Understanding Two Part Brilliant Events

To better understand how these two part events work, here is a summary of a post from HPWU Fazes about Potter’s Calamity Part 2, applied to this new Brilliant Event.

During a Brilliant Event with two parts, Foundables, Portkeys, and Runestones work a little differently than a Brilliant Event with only one part.

During the first week, you will only find Brilliant Foundable Traces from the first part. During the second week, you will find both new Brilliant Foundable Traces as well as Brilliant Foundable Traces from the first part.

Any Brilliant Portkeys picked up during Week One will still give the Week One reward. New Brilliant Portkeys picked up during Wee Two will give the Week Two reward.

When using Back to Hogwarts Brilliant Runestones during Week One, you will sometimes receive Week One rewards. When using these Runestones during Week Two, you will sometimes receive Week Two rewards. After the Brilliant Event is completely over, possible rewards will come from either week.

To summarize:

Portkeys picked up during Part 1 will give Part 1 Foundables. Portkeys picked up during Part 2 will give Part 2 Foundables.

Runestones and Wizarding Challenges: Part 1 fragments will be available from August 13 to 27, as well as after Part 2 ends. Part 2 fragments will be available starting August 27 and will always be available after that.


To prepare for the next Brilliant Bvent, get Portkeys ready for the Event Task 2/4, “Unlock 3 Portkeys Portmanteaus.” Start walking your Portkeys, especially if you have several 10k Portkeys with your Silver Keys or a queue of 2k Portkeys for your Golden Key.

If you time it right, you can finish walking these Portkeys to get credit for the Event Task. Even if you don’t, you want to free up space to pick up Brilliant Portkeys and start walking with them. Since they’re only 3km Portkeys, it will be easy to unlock them to complete the Event Task.

Players can also brew some Exstimulo Potions (2-hour brew time) to use quickly for Event Task 3/4.

Rewards from completing all of the Part 1 Event Tasks:

  • 15 Restricted Section Books
  • 155 Brilliant family XP
  • 50 gold
  • 2,550 Wizard XP
  • 2 Potent Exstimulo Potions
  • Portrait: 2 stickers, 1 frame, and 1 lens

Pro tip: Save the Restricted Section Books until you have all 15. Then decide the best way to spend them. Here’s a quick guide on Restricted Section books to get you started with your profession’s strategy.

Are you excited for this Brilliant Event? Why or why not? Share a comment below!

The Back to Hogwarts Brilliant Events

The new Brilliant event, “Back to Hogwarts,” starts on August 13th at 11am PT (Pacific Time) and it runs for a week until Tuesday, August 20th. Similar to Potter’s Calamity, it is a two-part event that shares the same Registry category. Part 2 starts on August 27th and also runs for a week until September 3rd. Check out this link to everytimezone to see the start time in your time zone. For the official information, visit the Harry Potter Wizards Unite Official Post.

Part 1 – Brilliant 9 3/4

Similar to the other three Brilliant events, Back to Hogwarts has Foundables from Traces, Fortress battles, 7 km event Portkeys, and quests. It is interesting that Part 1 has four Trace Foundables that are all normally Low threats. All of the previous Brilliant traces have been Medium to High threats. This might mean lower Family XP from all of the fragments, but it should save a lot of Spell Energy.

Trace Foundables

Brilliant Ravenclaw Student
Rowena Ravenclaw, founder of Ravenclaw House, valued intelligence and creativity among her students.

Brilliant Hufflepuff Student
Helga Hufflepuff, founder of Hufflepuff house, cherished students who exhibited loyalty and determination.

Brilliant Slytherin Student
The founder of Slytherin house, Salazar Slytherin, prized students who exhibited the traits of cunning and ambition.
Brilliant Gryffindor Student
The founder of Gryffindor house, Godric Gryffindor, held the traits bravery and chivalry in high esteem, and expected the same of his students.

Other Foundables

Trolley Witch

(Fortress Foundable)
A favourite fixture of the Hogwarts Express, the Trolley Witch keeps students supplied with Chocolate Frogs and Pumpkin Pasties during their journeys to and from Hogwarts.

Luggage Trolley

(Event 3 km Porkey)

Students traveling to and from Hogwarts use these trolleys to transport their school trunks, and often run trolley-first at the hidden entrance to Platform 9 3/4. 

Hogwarts Express Conductor

(Event quest reward)

Charged with safely delivering students to and from Platform 9 3/4, the Hogwarts Express Conductor uses his golden pocketwatch and a hearty bellow of “All aboard!” to ensure that the train departs on time

Hogwarts Express

(Event quest reward)

In the years following the establishment of the Statute of Secrecy, discretely delivering students to Hogwarts became a challenge. When Portkeys proved to be impractical, Minister for Magic Ottaline Gambol, who was intrigued by Muggle technology, suggested the use of a steam engine.


Part 2 – Hogwarts Gates

Hogwarts Gates is Part 2 of the Back to Hogwarts Brilliant event, and it starts two weeks after Part 1 starts.

Potter’s Calamity also had two parts. Potter’s Calamity Part 1 and Part 2 share the same Registry page (and ranks), 7km Portkeys, and event Runestones. During Potter’s Calamity Part 2, the Trace Foundables from Part 1 were also found on the Map, 7km Portkeys from Part 1 gave Part 1 Foundables, and event Runestones dropped Part 2 fragments. After the event, event Runestones dropped either part’s Foundables.

Trace Foundables

Brilliant Sorting Hat

In addition to its student-sorting duties, the Sorting Hat performs a lyrical monologue to open the new term. Depending on the state of the wizarding world, the hat’s message ranges from welcoming and whimsical to dire and thought-provoking.

Other Foundables

Hogsmeade Sign

(Event 3 km Portkey)
The village of Hogsmeade is the only all-wizarding settlement in Britain. Visitors can shop at iconic destinations like Zonkos and Honeydukes, grab a Butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks, and glimpse — from a safe distance — the allegedly-haunted Shrieking Shack. 

Winged Boar Statue

(Quest reward)
Twin Winged Boar Statues flank the gates to Hogwarts, standing guard over the entrance to the castle.


(Quest reward)

Drawn by Thestrals, the Hogwarts Carriages appear to move on their own to most students. The Carriages transport students above first year to and from Hogsmeade Station at the start and end of term.

Hogwarts Boat

(Fortress foundable)
First-year students travel from Hogsmeade Station to Hogwarts by boat, crossing the Black Lake in fair weather or foul.


(Quest reward)

Although the superstitious believe them to be ill omens, Thestrals are actually quite intelligent and docile creatures who have a keen sense of direction.


Each Brilliant event has its own 4-part Special quests that give specific rewards. The most valuable rewards are the 15 Restricted Section Books and the 50+ Scrolls.

  • 15 Restricted Section Books (30 RSBs from both Part 1 and 2)
  • Scrolls from ranking up the Event registry page, 5 per rank
  • Level 1 event Runestones
  • Exclusive items for your Ministry ID
  • Brilliant family XP
  • Player XP
  • Other rewards like Potent Exstimulo Potions and 50 Gold

Past Brilliant Events

  • July 3rd – 10th: Flora & Fauna
  • July 16th – 23rd: Potter’s Calamity, Part 1
  • July 30th – August 6th: Potter’s Calamity, Part 2

The Brilliant event trend is a new Brilliant event starting every two weeks. Brilliant events last one week, so players get a one week-long break until the next one starts. This might seem like a lot, but Wizards Unite has an over-arching story line and these Brilliant events move the plot along.

How to Find a Group for Community Day!

The next Community Day for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is just around the corner. If you haven’t already, check out our extensive guide to the August 2019 Community Day.

The best part of Community Day is the community, but where can you find a local community? Here are a few ways to find witches and wizards in your area for Community Day!

The Official Wizards Unite Community Map

The official Harry Potter: Wizards Unite website includes a community section with announcements from the team and forums for players. It now includes a community map!

Players can share both local communities and local events. You can also search the map to see if a local group or local event already exists.

This is a great way to find other Wizards Unite players in your town.

Want to submit your own group or event? These guidelines explain how to do it properly so your submission is added to the map and other players can find you.

Accio Wizards Unite Community Map

If you don’t have any luck finding other Wizards Unite players through the official community map, check out the crowd-sourced map on Accio Wizards Unite.

While there’s not a search function, you can find your area on the map, zoom in, and find a link to the local community.

If you run your own local Wizards Unite group, you can also submit it to Accio Wizards Unite.

Wizards GO App Task Force

Wizards GO App also has an area for players to submit local communities. Use their search function to find a Wizards Unite community near your city/state or zip code.

Try a Pokémon GO Community

If you don’t have any luck finding a Wizards Unite community, see if any local Pokémon GO players are also playing Wizards Unite. Some PoGo Discords have added Wizards Unite channels for players interested in both games.

Play at a Sponsored Location

Game sponsors vary by country. In the United States, Simon Malls and AT&T Stores have sponsored Wizards Unite locations. Especially for Community Day, gathering at a sponsored Fortress increases your odds of running into other Wizards Unite players.

I hope this article helps you find other witches and wizards wherever you live!

Where will you be on Community Day?

Wizards Unite 2.2.0 Release Notes are Live!

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has another big update,  The 2.2.0 update brings multiple bug fixes and a few gameplay improvements. Thank you hpwu_fazes for sharing this information both on reddit and in our Discord.

Wizards Unite Updates:

Note: Some of the changes below you will see live immediately. Others, like the new Registry Page, is not yet available, even if you download the update.

Ministry ID Portrait

You can now upload photos from your device’s gallery to your Ministry ID Portrait. You can decorate this photo with stickers, frames and filters.

The Sticker section of your Portrait selection is now organized by categories, including:

  • Recently Used
  • Featured
  • Hogwarts
  • Lore
  • Wizarding World

There are new Lenses, Filters, and Stickers available for the Ministry ID Portrait.


You will now be able to manage your ingredient inventory from the Potion Brewing Queue. To do this, either select a Potion in your Potion Brewing Queue, or pull up the Recipes. From there, select one of the ingredients. You will then see the option to Manage that ingredient’s inventory.


New location, Honeydukes, unlocks with 10km Portkey Portmanteaus!!!!


Added a new Magical Games and Sports Family Registry page with the following new Foundables:

  • Quidditch Fan Hermione
  • Quidditch Fan Neville
  • Quidditch Fan Luna
  • Quidditch Fan Seamus
  • Gryffindor Quidditch Banner

Look for these new Encounters and Challenge Foundables in the game!

You can now capture AR photos with the Swooping Evil Foundable.

Wizards Unite Bug Fixes

Below you will find both bug fixes and known issues that the HPWU team is working to improve.

Ministry ID Portrait:

[iPads Only] You will currently not be able to share your Ministry ID or Portrait images. Tapping the share button does not open the sharing options

Fixed an issue with the Title “Portkey Passenger” not appearing in the Titles section of the Ministry ID even though the player should have received the Title.

Wizarding Challenges:

Fixed an issue with players not receiving bonus XP when playing Challenges with Friends.

Fixed an issue with the Auror Strategic Spell Dancing with Dummies not giving the correct number of Critical Hits on the first attack against a Foe.


Fixed an issue with the Suitcase being badged (red dot appearing) when a page needs to be Prestiged.


Fixed an issue with the Music turning on in Portkeys, even if it is off in the Settings.

Known Issues in Wizards Unite

The HPWU team is aware of the following issues and working to resolve them.

Ministry ID Portrait:

Players may receive a black screen when switching from the app in Gallery Mode, to take a photo in the device’s camera, then going back to the app.

Players may not see their chosen Lens, Filters, Stickers, and Frames on their Last Portrait when first tapping the Last Portrait in the Portrait section. When players tap it again, they should see the Last Portrait with all chosen items included.

Players may get an error if they leave the app while uploading an image from the Gallery to their Ministry ID Portrait.

Player’s Portrait may become inverted if they try to take a photo in Ministry ID.

Wizarding Challenges

Foes may appear to receive Health or have negative Health after being attacked or defeated.

Recommended Grade for Chambers may be displayed in red text if the player’s Grade is equal to the recommended level.


Recipes may be badged when there are no new Recipes to view.

Rental Cauldron popup may become unresponsive if players rent a cauldron and then try to brew a Potion with a longer brew time than is left on the Rental Cauldron.

Players may become stuck in the Potions Tutorial if they tap the ladle before the Tutorial reaches the Master Notes section.

Potion Brewing Queue slots may disappear after collecting a Potion and immediately attempt to brew another Potion. Exiting the Potions section fixes this issue.


Foundables that are not from Encounters can sometimes have a high Seen number, even if they are not Seen in Encounters.

Foundables in Photo Mode may flip around when a player taps on the Foundable to reposition it.

SOS Assignments

[Beta Players] Players who were in beta before SOS Assignments were introduced are unable to complete the Mysteries tasks.


“Download All Assets” may occasionally fail before completing the full download.

App may become unstable on iPhone 5S devices.

Player may receive an error if they attempt to add an emoji to their Codename or First/Last Name.

Players may receive a message that they do not have enough space on their device to download all assets, even though they do.

Players may see the “Network Error” message at various points during gameplay. Checking your network conditions and restarting the app should help resolve this issue.

Another great update from the HPWU team!

If you’d like to provide feedback, join our Discord! hpwu_fazes is a member, so she can see any bug reports submitted.

Don’t forget that Community Day is this Saturday!

Wizards Unite Community Day August 2019

The next Community Day for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be August 10th! This guide covers all the Community Day details plus shares handy tips to prepare for your local Community Day.

Wizards Unite August Community Day information
Date August 10th 2019
  • Asia-Pacific: 1:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M. AEST (UTC +10)
  • Europe, Middle East, Africa, and India: 10:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. UTC
  • The Americas and Greenland: 11:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. PDT (UTC -7)
  • XP bonuses (Player XP and Challenge XP) when participating in Wizarding Challenges
  • If you play a Wizarding Challenge with a Friend, you will receive 2x XP (or more) of Wizard XP
  • Your team size, the number of players, Friends or non-Friends, will increase the Challenge XP by 2x XP (or more)
  • Using a Healing Potion in a Wizarding Challenge will give you 50% more of your current Health
  • Ingredients used to brew Healing potions appear more frequently on the Map
  • Healing Potion brew time will be reduced by 50%
  • Master Notes for Healing Potion will now reduce the brew time by 50%
  • Potions brewed using a Rental Cauldron will have their brew times reduced by 33%
Free Store Pack
  • Free store pack featuring Spell Energy from the Diagon Alley shop with 50 Spell Energy, 3 Runestones (1 each of Hogwarts School, Levels 1-3), and 3 Silver Keys

Preparing for August’s Community Day

Start Community Day with full Spell Energy. You can use your free store pack anytime during the event, so it’s better to save it for when you need it.

Spend this week brewing potions that help in Wizarding Challenges. Using potions enables you to complete higher-level Fortress Chambers, which will allow you to get even more bonus XP.

Note: My recommendations for potions assume your Vault can only hold 50. If you’ve expanded your Vault, then stock up on more potions!

Potions for Community Day

Strong Invigoration Draught Wit-Sharpening Potion Healing Potion

The Strong Invigoration Draught is particularly helpful because it increases your Focus, which allows you to cast more of your spells. Focus is necessary for Professors and Magizoologists to use their best spells.

Strong Invigoration Draught is certainly more valuable than the regular version (granting 3 Focus vs. 1 Focus), but it does take longer to brew. However, the longer brewing time is more efficient, providing 3 Focus in 6 hours vs. 2 Focus in 6 hours. If you have plenty of Sneezewort, prioritize Strong Invigoration Draught.

If you’re a Professor or Magizoologist, brew 10-15 Strong Invigoration Draughts before Community Day.

The Invigoration Draught family needs a lot of ingredients, so here’s a quick chart that shows which ones you need:

Shared between both Invigoration Draughts Honeywater
Vervain Infusion
Additional Invigoration Draught ingredient Lovage
Additional Strong Invigoration Draught ingredient Sneezewort

Wit-Sharpening Potions can only be used against Elite Foes. You want to have some Wit-Sharpening Potion on hand in case you run into any Elite Foes in high-level Fortress Chambers, but don’t worry too much about this potion. First, there’s no guarantee you’ll encounter many Elite Foes, if any. Second, another player might be the one to battle the Elite Foe. As long as everyone shows up on Community Day with ~10 Wit-Sharpening Potions, you should be good.

These are the ingredients and their quantities you need to brew a Wit-Sharpening Potion.

4 Ginger Root 3 Newt spleen 1 Ground Scarab Beetles 1 Armadillo Bile

Healing Potions are definitely helpful in high-level Fortress Chambers, but again, don’t worry too much about overstocking this potion. During Community Day, Healing Potions will be more effective in Wizarding Challenges, meaning you won’t need as many. You’ll also be able to brew them more quickly on Community Day to keep your supply high. Finally, if you’ll be playing with a Magizoologist, they will be able to heal you or revive you if necessary. If you start Community Day with 10-20 Healing Potions, and you constantly brew more during Community Day, you should be good.

These are the ingredients and their quantities you need to brew a Healing Potion. They do use a lot of ingredients, which will appear more frequently during Community Day.

1 Wormwood 3 Bubotuber Pus 2 Dittany 1 Dragon Liver

Finally, build up a solid supply of all the Exstimulo Potions. These will help you take down Foes more quickly in your Wizarding Challenges. This will save you Spell Energy and time, giving you the opportunity to engage in even more Fortress battles for even more XP.

Exstimulo Potion Strong Exstimulo Potion Potent Exstimulo Potion

Honestly, with the common ingredients and short brewing time, you’re better off focusing on regular Exstimulo Potions and Strong Exstimulo Potions. While the Potent Exstimulo Potions are highly effective, they require rare Unicorn Hair, a large amount of common ingredients, and 6.8 hours (with Master Notes) brewing time.

Try to have 20-30 Exstimulo Potions (total from all types) brewed before Community Day. These will also be handy for any rare Traces that appear.

The Exstimulo Potion family needs a lot of ingredients, so here’s a quick chart that shows which ones you need:

Shared between all Exstimulo Potions Bitter Root
Re’em blood
Additional Exstimulo Potion ingredient Granian Hair
Additional Strong Exstimulo Potion ingredient Abraxan Hair
Additional Potent Exstimulo Potion ingredient Unicorn Hair

In addition to Exstimulo Potions, you should stock up on Baruffio’s Brain Elixir. If you want to use one during all of Community Day, you’ll need a total of 6. Personally, I try to time these so they start brewing shortly before I go to bed, just long enough to add the Master Notes.

Wizarding Challenges Strategy

For many players, this Community Day will be the first opportunity to attempt Wizarding Challenges (Fortress battles) with a full team of five! If you’ve only ever soloed or duoed a Fortress before, then you should read up on strategic gameplay for groups. These articles will help.

General Community Day Tips and Tricks

  • Play with an active Baruffio’s Brain Elixir throughout the whole event. While there won’t be an extra XP bonus, you can rack up XP with multiple Wizarding Challenges.
  • There’s a possibility that the event will bug out in the APAC region (happened often in Pokemon GO). We’ll update you if that happens. Follow us on Twitter to keep up!
  • Try to find a Fortress near several Inns. Running out of Spell Energy will ruin your experience and hamper your ability to grind XP.
  • If possible, increase your Spell Energy capacity before the event starts and start the event with 100% Spell Energy. Our Guide to Managing Spell Energy in Wizards Unite can help a lot.
  • Be welcoming of beginners. Community Day is about community! Even if you’re a seasoned pro at group Fortress battles, that’s not true of everyone. Share your skills with other witches and wizards.
  • Be sure to have an external battery. Our editor-in-chief Brita has shared a great round-up of top-rated power banks on Amazon. Order ASAP to get yours before Community Day!
  • Bring sunscreen and apply it before the event, if playing outside.
  • Carry a water bottle and stay hydrated.
  • If possible, play at a sponsored location. In the United States, Simon Malls are a great way to beat the heat, stay topped up on Spell Energy, and receive extra rewards from Wizarding Challenges.

Most of all, HAVE FUN!

Where are you spending Community Day?



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