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Niantic Files a Lawsuit Against Alleged Hacker Group Global++

Niantic has filed a lawsuit against Global++, an “association of hackers” that allegedly makes and distributes “unauthorized derivative versions” of apps. Niantic refers to these derivative apps as “hacked” while Global++ refers to them as “tweaked.” Regardless, these derivative versions (PokeGo++, Ingress++, and Potter++) give users an unfair advantage, while simultaneously infringing on Niantic’s intellectual property rights, Niantic says in the lawsuit.

Specifically, these derivative apps include features like GPS manipulation, auto walking and sniping, all of which are against the game’s Terms of Service and Player Conduct code.

Screenshot comparison of Pokemon GO and PokeGo++
Screenshots via Business Insider

“Among other things, defendants’ schemes undermine the integrity of the gaming experience for legitimate players, diminishing enthusiasm for Niantic’s games and, in some cases, driving players away from Niantic’s games altogether. Defendants’ schemes therefore damage Niantic’s reputation and goodwill and interfere with Niantic’s business,” the lawsuit says.

If you’ve ever complained about spoofers ruining the game for everyone else, then you understand why Niantic is filing this lawsuit.

The timing of this lawsuit is absolutely deliberate as Niantic attempts to protect its investment in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

“Niantic files this motion on the eve of the United States launch of Harry Potter, the culmination of a multi-year, multi-million dollar investment by Niantic, the success of which is threatened by defendants’ unlawful conduct,” Niantic says in its motion for a preliminary injunction.

Niantic has named two specific defendants, plus an additional 20 “Doe defendants” in their lawsuit. While the legal process could take months, Global++ already appears to be shutting down in response. Both their website and their Discord servers have been deleted.

Wizards Unite Resources & Tools to Improve Your Gaming Experience

Both New Zealand and Australia have had early access to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite for over a month now. With a few Harry Potter YouTubers attending a special event next week, speculation is high that more countries will gain access to Wizards Unite very soon.

Are you ready to play? As in, totally prepared? If not, this article will help you prepare for the release of Wizards Unite!

Wizards Unite Hub Resources

If you’re a long-time reader of this website, then you know Wizards Unite Hub is filled with detailed guides, wiki pages, and more, all dedicated to Wizards Unite and the greater wizarding world of Harry Potter.

For new readers, here are just a few of the handy resources we have available.

Wizards Unite Guides

Wizards Unite Databases

Fun Wizards Unite Resources

Wizards Unite Hub also has a database of Wizards Unite YouTubers in case you prefer visual storytelling and news updates.

To learn more about magical lore in the wizarding world, check out our extensive Harry Potter wiki. This covers information in Wizards Unite, Hogwarts Mystery, and the greater wizarding world.

Other Wizards Unite Tools and Resources

While Wizards Unite Hub is the world’s largest fan site and community for Wizards Unite players (seriously, I spend a lot of time digging through our analytics, and they are VERY good), we’re not the only magical website out there.

I’ve put together a video sharing some helpful tools and resources for Wizards Unite players.

I love my role as editor-in-chief of Wizards Unite Hub, but I also want to support other witches and wizards creating awesome Wizards Unite content.

Wizards Unite World Spell Caster

Wizards Unite World is another fan site and community for Wizards Unite players. They’ve created a handy tool on their website to practice spell casting. It measures both speed and accuracy, both of which matter when playing Wizards Unite. You’ll want to use this tool on your phone.

Wizards Unite Master Notes

This is a cool app available in the Google Play Store that helps you know the Master Notes when brewing potions. Unfortunately, due to Apple’s rules regarding apps, you can only use this app on Android devices. It floats on your screen while playing Wizards Unite so you can look up the Master Notes.

Accio Wizards Unite

Accio Wizards Unite is another fan site and community for Wizards Unite players. They’ve created a cool timeline of Wizards Unite news and updates. Who else feels like it’s been forever and a day since the initial 2017 announcement?!

Wizards Go App

Wizards Go App is available on desktop, plus the beta version is available for both iOS and Android devices. This app includes several cool features, including:

  • a checklist of tasks to do before Wizards Unite launches
  • a directory of local Wizards Unite communities
  • links to helpful Wizards Unite guides (including from the Hub!)

Wizards Go App is the must-have companion app for all witches and wizards.

Final Wizards Unite Tips

Twitter and Discord are really the best ways to stay completely up-to-date with the latest Wizards Unite news.

Follow Wizards Unite Hub on Twitter!

Join our Discord community!

Harry Potter Wizards Unite 0.8.2 Patch Notes: Ministry ID Portrait customization is here!

Wizards, the HPWU development team has shared patch notes for the latest Wizards Unite update, version number 0.8.2. The biggest changes include Portrait customization and social sharing, but there’s a ton of fine tuning done with Daily Tasks and Wizarding Challenges.

New Features

Ministry ID Portrait

Get ready to add and personalized your Portrait photo on your Ministry ID! Use iconic Lenses, Filters, Frames, and Stickers to make your wizarding personality stand out. You can take a selfie and add a metric ton of selfie stickers, frames and effects. It’s really fun when you get a good selfie and decorate it accordingly.

Social Sharing

You can share your Ministry ID, Portrait, and Photo Mode images to social media networks straight from the game. This is going to be a golden flow of organic marketing for the game once it launches.


Daily Tasks

  • Added a new Daily Task: Use 1 Potion
  • Added a new Daily Task for testing: Win 1 Wizarding Challenge as a Daily Task. This is a test so please share your feedback on this addition
  • Increased Gold reward when completing all Daily Tasks

Wizarding Challenges

  • Decreased the wait time on starting your first Challenge from 30 secs to 7 secs
  • Decreased all wait times on starting Challenges from 30 secs to 15 secs
  • Reduced the amount of Challenge Family XP needed to open Challenge Trunks
  • Increased the amount of Challenge Family XP awarded when playing with more teammates from 10% to 25%; a second player increases Challenge Family XP by 25%; a third by 50%, a fourth by 75%, and fifth by 100%

Diagon Alley

  • Some prices in Diagon Alley have been reduced


  • Increased the strength of Potent Exstimulo Potions; you should now see the Threat Meter decrease even more when you use this Potion

Known Issues

Ministry ID Portrait:

  • Certain Android devices may experience a black scene when selecting a Lens

Niantic and WB Games to Present How Wizards Unite Experience Was Created at AT&T SHAPE 2019 Conference

Niantic and WB Games will present how the immersive AR experience in Wizards Unite was made at AT&T SHAPE 2019, on June 22-23, 2019 at Warner Bros. in Los Angeles, CA. Speakers include Jonathan Knight (Vice President and Studio Head, WB Games), Mary Casey (BAFTA-nominated Game Producer, Executive Director of Product, WB Games), Archit Bhargava (Director of Worldwide Product Marketing, Niantic) and Alex Moffit (Product Manager, Niantic).

The speakers line-up is absolutely stellar, but we do not expect a lot of new information coming out of this event. SHAPE is a technology and entertainment expo, focused on business opportunities and technology advancements, rather than release dates and game play mechanics.

SHAPE 2019 has three main aspects that attract visitors:

  • Speakers – from industry leaders to tech disruptors, SHAPE is home to all visionary things
  • Exhibits – unlike many other conferences, SHAPE offers the unique opportunity to experience the technology
  • Tour – hosted at the Warner Bros Studios, SHAPE gives attendees a chance to explore a living and breathing Hollywood set

A big part of the session will be focused on improvements in AR technology that are built into Wizards Unite. We’ve already reported a couple of times about Niantic’s insane Codename: Neon demo that debuted at MWC 19, but it bears repeating. Niantic is pushing the envelope in AR with Wizards Unite, although the majority of improvements are tied in with 5G networks and flagship phones.

From plane detection to ambient occlusion and real time body tracking, Niantic is on the bleeding edge of AR technology. Remember, they bought Escher Reality back in 2017 and we haven’t heard a word since.

We’ll keep you updated about the event.

More about Shape

Official description

Co-developed and published by Niantic and WB Games San Francisco, under the Portkey Games label, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite invites players to view the real world through a Wizarding World lens, via your smartphone. Innovation in Augmented Reality (AR) allows game players to view and interact with the same AR at the same time and take actions within this AR that impact each other’s game play. So, brush up on your spells, get your wand ready, and learn how this new, immersive AR gaming experience was created.

Niantic shares an Update on the Wizards Unite Beta and a New Story Trailer

Niantic has just shared a new update on the Wizards Unite Beta, not revealing the release date, but hinting that more news are coming in the coming weeks. Alongside the update, a new promotional video titled “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Game Intro Trailer” was shared, highlighting the story that lead up to The Calamity and bridging the gap between the original Harry Potter books and Wizards Unite.

Here are the important bits and pieces from the official post, which we suggest you read as well:

  • Over the past few weeks, Niantic has learned a lot from beta players and used their input to prepare the game for a smooth launch
  • Behind the scenes, internal tests, bug fixes and gameplay improvements have been silently deployed throughout this period
  • The feedback from New Zealand and Australia has been exceptional and Niantic expressed deep appreciation for everything beta players have done
  • Additional features are also being worked on, but not all of them will be available at launch. Niantic is preparing a whole slew of features that will be slowly unlocked once the wider game launch rollout begins
  • The studio is taking their time with Wizards Unite, as they want to give it a level of polish it deserves
  • The devs identify themselves as true fans of the Wizarding World
  • More to be shared in the coming weeks

Wizards Unite Game Intro trailer breakdown

As mentioned earlier, a new trailer was shared highlighting key timeline events between the end of Harry Potter books and the start of Wizards Unite. This trailer helps established the game in the new Wizarding World timeline as a direct successor to the book series.

The trailer is available here and our breakdown is attached below:

Key moments in the trailer

  • 0:01 – Voldemort is defeated and The Daily prophet cover shows an article titled “Hogwarts Saved” and subtitled “Potter wins crucial showdown”
  • 0:04 – Hogwarts heroes have joined the Ministry, now working alongside other officials and filling the Ministry Ranks
  • 0:10 – A new era of peace begins at the Ministry as it is reborn after the battle of Hogwarts
  • 0:13 – Confederation of Wizards has never been better, the Wizarding World is healing and things are improving
  • 0:16 – London Five go missing, no suspects in sight. It is not clear who are the London Five, but the narrator says that no one has gone missing, not since the dark ages
  • 0:19 – The investigation into the London Five produces no results, it’s stuck and there’s a panning shot of the crime scene. A Quibbler foundable is laying on the floor next to a coat and a Daily Prophet
  • 0:23 – The investigation into the London Five has been terminated. The narrator says “I don’t care, find them”
  • 0:25 – The Calamity happens and the Wizarding World is in chaos
  • 0:29 – Ministry is confronted with an ever growing number of issues from the Calamity, not able to cope with all of it. The narrator says that “We must protect the statue of secrecy”
  • 0:33 – The trailer ends with the promotional “The Wizarding World is at risk of Exposure, We Need Your Help” poster and with the narrator saying “The Muggles cannot become aware”- creepy!

Exclusive Wizards Unite event takes place in Los Angeles on June 18, 2019

A secretive Harry Potter: Wizards Unite event will take place on June 18, 2019 at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Studios Hollywood. WB Games and Niantic have invited a number of WUTubers to an exclusive event where they can experience the game and (presumably) talk and discuss with Niantic and WB employees and developers.

By the looks of it, the majority of confirmed invitees includes WUtubers like XpectoGOPokeFodderWizardPhDSlytherWin, The Potter Collector, Mindy Minx and more. We’re scrambling to confirm who got an invitation and who didn’t, so if you know something hop on to our Discord and spill the tea with us.

The event invitations were distributed via email, from a “HPWU Event RSVP” sender:

Exclusive Wizards Unite event in Los Angeles
Exclusive Wizards Unite event in Los Angeles

Currently, there’s very little information about the event. We’re hoping to get some ears and eyes in there and write a report after the event.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Universal Studios Hollywood)

The event venue is located inside the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park, in the San Fernando Valley near Los Angeles. The park itself is huge, with multiple different attractions covering most of Universal Studio properties: from Simpsons and Minions to Waterworld and The Walking Dead, there’s really a lot going on here.

Our readers are probably interested in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter area of the park, which I’ve personally visited and enjoyed back in 2017.

Harry Potter themed attractions in Universal Studios Hollywood include:

“Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey” is a ridiculously good dark ride that takes you through Hogwarts for a really amazing indoors experience. The queues can be pretty long, but it is one of the reasons why people go to The Wizarding World. It’s fast, it’s exciting and it’s quite an experience – worth every penny!

“Flight of the Hippogriff”, a relatively slow rollercoaster for juniors, takes you up and down through a “forest looking” area decorated with Hippogriffs. It’s a fun ride, but nothing mind blowing.

Other attractions include themed shops and shows: Frog Choir features Hogwarts students and their singing frogs and Triwizard Spirit Rally features folks doing tricks with sticks. Ollivander’s is the name of the main wand shop and it has a huge selection of wand replicas. There’s a few other shops as well:

  • The Three Broomsticks and Hog’s Head Pub
  • Ollivander’s Wand Shop
  • Owl Post
  • Wiseacre’s Wizarding Equipment
  • Gladrags Wizardwear
  • Dervish and Banges
  • Filch’s Emporium of Confiscated Goods
  • Honeydukes
  • Zonko’s

A picture of the Three Broomsticks restaurant is also the cover image of this article:

Three Broomsticks Inn

Harry Potter GO, Harry Potter AR game, Harry Potter mobile or simply Wizards Unite? Let’s talk names!

Alright, this is not a serious article on it’s own, but given the amount of confusion about the actual name of the game, I wanted to shed some light on all the different names people use to refer to Wizards Unite and to unify them in one place. We’ve heard some wild combinations, but we’re going to focus on the three main ones that are mentioned most often.

Harry Potter GO

Harry Potter GO is a colloquial name given to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite by Pokémon GO players. The “GO suffix” was added to several other AR games in the past (Draconius GO comes to mind) and aims to invoke Pokémon GO-esque vibe with the other conversation participants. Although we don’t like, Harry Potter GO is definitely the most popular alternative to calling the game Wizards Unite.

If you’re using this term, be aware that it can lead the person to believe that Wizards Unite is simply a Pokémon GO clone and to prevent them for trying it, despite it being a thoroughly different game. If you’re interested on the technicalities of which parts these games share, check out our Secrets of Niantic’s Real World Platform article that goes in painstaking details.

Fun fact: the Harry Potter GO term seemingly originated from a now infamous fan-made Youtube video from 2016. As with most things on the Internet, we can’t confirm this is true, but it’s a fun video that deserves another share.

Harry Potter AR game

Harry Potter AR game is a term most often used on reddit and other online forums to clarify that the author is referring to “that HP game developed by Niantic”. Wizards Unite is the only Potter-verse game that utilizes AR and this name is quite accurate, there if very little danger in using it. You won’t confuse anyone and it’s quite descriptive given the ample amount of AR used in the game. Just be clear to clarify that having an AR capable device is not required to play Wizards Unite.

Harry Potter mobile

Hogwarts Mystery has added new pet options which are only available with notebooks, a new currency.
Hogwarts Mystery has added new pet options which are only available with notebooks, a new currency.

Harry Potter mobile is often used to refer to Wizards Unite, but the overly generic wording is makes it very confusing to the person on the other end to understand that you’re talking about Wizards Unite. If you google “Harry Potter mobile”, you will find that most search results refer to Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, which is a terrible thing to stumble upon if you’re looking for a free-to-play experience on mobile. We even wrote a wee little article about that “experience” in Hogwarts Mystery here, you might want to check it out: The Best Hogwarts Mystery Memes: Savage Edition.

Don’t use this term, you’re confusing people and it’s probably going to get even more confusing if Portkey Games publishes more Harry Potter games on mobile. Not a wise investment!

Simply… Wizards Unite?

Look, I understand.

Saying “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite” five times in a row can sound like a chore (and it is), but that’s the only way to avoid confusion. I’m not telling you to recite it every day and at every occasion, but try to keep it official and to keep it accurate.

If you’re tired of saying the whole name, simply say Wizards Unite. It’s a bit weird, it doesn’t invoke an AR feeling and it doesn’t have world wide recognition yet, but it is the term you probably want to engrave in the back of your mind and stick with it.

Wizards Unite Beta Testers Receive A Secret Email Survey About The Beta

Wizards, attention! Australian Beta testers have received a special email from Niantic with an online survey about the beta. The email urges testers to complete the survey before the official deadline on June 2nd. The survey can be completed once and “there are no right or wrong answers” according to the introductory text.

Credits for tipping us goes to TheInfamousJJ from our Discord server’s research channel. If you want to join our community, hop on over!

Beta Survey questions

Malcomjudd aka The Sylph is a fellow WU Tuber that managed to write down all the questions from the survey. There’s a ton of interesting questions, especially in the Friends department:

  1. How many calendar day did you play this game?
  2. What level have you reached?
  3. How would you rate this game?
  4. Did the game meet your expectations?
  5. How would you describe the tutorial in this game?
  6. Was there anything confusing about the tutorial while playing the game?
  7. How did the tutorial help you to understand the following?
    – basic of gameplay
    – story
  8. What was missing from the tutorial, if anything?
  9. How would you describe using the map to find things to engage with in this game?
  10. What item/buildings did you find on the map?
  11. Did you go to any of the fortresses you found on the map?
  12. Did you do a wizarding challenge in any of the fortresses?
  13. How many wizarding challenges have you done?
  14. How often do you do wizarding challenges?
  15. When do you do wizarding challenges?
  16. How likely are you to play the wizarding challenges again?
  17. How often did traces appear?
  18. How often did you see a trace but didn’t tap it?
  19. Which technical problems did you encounter, if any?
  20. Would you be interested in importing your friends into the game?
  21. What platforms would you be interested in importing your friends from?
  22. Did you ever play with sound on?
  23. How did playing with the sound on affect your experience with the game?
  24. Do you continue to play with the sound on?
  25. Would you recommend this game to your friends?

Fantastic Flora and Fauna: First In-Game Wizards Unite Event!

Witches and wizards, this is not a drill! The first ever in-game event is coming to the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite early release version, on May 31, 2019 for New Zealand and Australia! The in-game timer is set to have the event launch at 0900 (9:00 am) for New Zealand. For Australia, it is unclear what time the event will start. Will it release by continent, or by timezone? In theory, it should release at 0700 (7:00 am) in Sydney, Australia. Niantic is keeping us in suspense. Sorry about that!

Please note that at the time of writing, there is still no news yet of the beta expanding to other countries.

What is the Wizards Unite event?

Brilliant Event: Fantastic Flora and Fauna
The Forbidden Forrest has been thrown out of sorts by the Calamity. Lend Hagrid a helping hand by returning the forest’s missing Flora and Fauna to its proper place.”

You’ll receive rewards for completing individual tasks. These tasks are part of something called an Assignment. After completing all tasks in an Assignment, you’ll unlock even more rewards. The best rewards are usually given in the last Assignment. For this event, there are a total of four Assignments, with three tasks in each Assignment. Some of the rewards are still unidentified, and I have marked them as so below. These will be updated once we find out exactly what they are.

Assignment I Research and Rewards

1.1 Collect from 3 Inns +2 Restricted Section Books
1.2 Unlock 2 Portkey Portmanteaus +15 Collection Family
1.3 Collect 1 Brilliant Buckbeak Fragment +10 Collection Family
  • +500 XP
  • +20 Collection Family
  • +3 Restricted Section Books

Assignment II Research and Rewards

2.1 Return 1 Brilliant Unicorn Foundable +300 XP
2.2 Return 5 Magizoology Foundables +10 Collection Family
2.3 Perform 2 Great Spell-casts +15 Collection Family
  • +1 Scorched Yew Tree
  • +25 Collection Family
  • +2 Restricted Section Books


Assignment III Research and Rewards

3.1 Return 1 Medium Threat Foundable +400 XP
3.2 Walk 3 kilometers +10 Collection Family
3.3 Return 1 Legends of Hogwarts Foundable +15 Collection Family
  • +2 Strong Exstimulo Potions
  • +25 Collection Family
  • +3 Restricted Section Books


Assignment IV Research and Rewards

4.1 Open 3 Portkey Portmanteaus +500 XP
4.2 Brew 5 Potions +10 Collection Family
4.3 Win 3 challenges in Fortresses +15 Collection Family
  • +1 Salamander
  • +100 Gold
  • +5 Restricted Section Books


Final Notes on Fantastic Flora and Fauna

It is important to note that this event will run from May 31st to June 6th, 2019. That said, you’ll want to prepare ahead of time by saving up your ingredients for the final Assignment, (Brew 5 Potions). You can have 4 potions stacked up at a time in your Infinity Cauldron. You CAN choose to rent a Cauldron if you so desire, which will let you add up to another 4. Once you hit Assignment IV, you can have that step out of the way quickly, depending on what you brew.

As for the other Assignments, if you so desire, it seems that a few dark detectors might be of assistance in completing all of these assignments rather quickly for finding and returning Foundables. That said, you do not need dark detectors to complete these tasks.

For up to date news and everything regarding Wizards Unite, keep checking back on Wizards Unite Hub for more info. If you would like to be a part of our community, we encourage you to join our Discord Server HERE.

Gaining Experience in Wizards Unite

Leveling up can be a daunting task, but do not fret as this Wizards Unite guide lists all the possible ways to earn experience (XP) in your day to day game play. The guide was researched and assembled by /u/valkiconstant and published on the Hub with his permission. We added some formatting for good measure. Do note that while XP values can be increased with Baruffio’s Brain Elixir, daily rewards and monthly rewards are not affected by it.

You will probably be interested in our related guide about Level Up XP, Requirements, Rewards and Unlocks, which has the full chart of XP per level in WU.

Experience from Traces

Experience gained from Trace difficulty level – higher difficulty encounters yield more XP when completed. In the formula below, we’re calling this value difficultyXP:

XP per Trace encounter difficulty
Emergency 500
Severe 250
High 150
Medium 75
Low 50

Experience gain from casting bonuses, aka how well you draw the spell glyph on your screen. In the formula below, we’re calling this value castSkillXP:

XP per spell cast accuracy / speed
Masterful 100
Great 50
Good 20
Fair 0

Bonus XP you get from completing a Trace under special circumstances. In the formula below, we’re calling this value spcBonusXP:

XP from special bonuses
New spell used 200
1st time collected 250
1st cast bonus 10

These bonuses are additive, which means that the total XP is calculated as follows:

totalXP = difficultyXP + castSkillXP + spcBonusXP

Example: a successful masterful first cast on a low level trace will reward 160 base XP. If that’s your first time collecting it, you will get additional 250 XP.

Traces in the Oddity category behave slightly different and they give out a different amount of XP:

Special XP per Oddity encounter
Pixie 50
Brown Centaur 100
Vampire 150
Werewolf 150
Centaur Bow ???

Experience from Fortresses

More information on Fortresses: Fortress

Completing Fortress floors rewards constant base experience, regardless of the number of players and runestones used. Each floor rewards just 10 XP more than the floor before it, making Fortresses a relatively inefficient way to level up. You get 50 XP for loosing a Fortress battle.

Fortress floor experience chart
Floor EXP
1 250
2 260
3 270
4 280
5 290
6 300
7 310
8 320
9 330
10 350
11 360
12 370
13 380
14 390
15 400
16 410
17 420
18 430
19 440
20 450

Experience from Daily and Monthly rewards

You get 250 XP every day after spinning two Inns and you get XP bonuses from daily login reward. These amounts are not affected by Baruffio’s Brain Elixir.

Example for a month with 30 days (changes every month):

Day XP
2nd 150
5th 200
9th 250
12th 300
16th 350
19th 400
23rd 450
26th 500
30th 150



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